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I've been lucky enough to be a part of the AFA for a little while now. I've also been lucky enough to have the honor of being a Folkbuilder for a period of time. One part of my duties are reviewing new applications. I am sure many of you remember but it asks, "reason for joining." 9 out of 10 times the response is something like this "I want to see or be a part of a better world for my children, my spouse, my people/race, etc. and the AFA is the only sane place in this world." When I see answers like that, I think to myself "what is the AFA to people coming in?"

The AFA is not an organization. We are not a club or an entity. We are a church but is there something beyond that? Something perhaps far greater. In my eyes, the AFA is an idea, it's a legend, it's a Myth to the Folk without. It's Asgard, Hyperborea, Thule, Agartha. It's a place beyond what some have dreamed of. Truly a better place, cut off from the outside world.

The beautiful part of all of this is we are living in that Myth. We are a part of it. In a way, we are behind the walls with the Gods building something that so many hope for. This is special beyond words, but this also gives us a great responsibility. Being part of that Myth, we have much to live up to. Much is on our shoulders.

When we think of what the AFA means to us, think of the people coming in and what they think of us. We must at all costs keep the idea, the legend, and the Myth…..alive for them, for ourselves, and for those to come.

Hail the AFA!

Folkbuilder Adam Hudak


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