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Each Hof of the Asatru Folk Assembly, while identical in many doctrinal ways, still develops their own unique personality and culture that represents the Goðar who maintain it and the Folk who support it.

Morning Dedications:

Every morning during events, at approximately 9 am a morning dedication is completed in honor of Baldr, Else Christensen, or the Ancestors. During 3-day weekend events, a morning is set aside for each one.



During events, Fika is held at 10 am each day. All Folk are asked to stop working and sit together to enjoy a cup of coffee, tea, or other beverage and sit with the their Folk for quality time in conversation and Frith.

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Folk Flame:

The Folk Flame is lit before each blot. This flame represents the soul of the Folk, shining strong and bright within each of us. We are reminded to tend and protect this sacred flame. If you would like a candle lit from the Folk Flame, please speak with one of the Goðar at the Hof.

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Coming together for Blot:

Unless otherwise instructed, the men and women separate from each other prior to the blot. Our menfolk gather in the feast hall for their preparation and our womenfolk gather for their mysteries in the sanctuary. Our menfolk enter the sanctuary and take their place and the women symbolically take their station beside their men. Entrance into the sacred space is always done sun-wise (clockwise).

The Candle of Syn:

Syn, an Asynjur and handmaiden to Frigga, is a guardian of doors and entryways. She denies access to those who are not worthy or they whose intentions are not good. Prior to Blot, one of our womenfolk will guard the door with the Candle of Syn. This candle serves as a reminder to leave your troubles and worries of the mundane world behind when you enter Blot. Folk wave their hands over the flame as a symbolic gesture of preparation and of entering a sacred space from the mundane world.



Kulning is a Scandinavian vocal traditional used to call animals home from the fields and pastures. It's long, dramatic tones carry a gravity and power that calls us all. While traditionally, kulning used only vocal tones and not words, the womenfolk at Baldrshof kuln "Wunjo" prior to each blot, to call home all those who have not yet found their way. This is also the signal for our menfolk to start their procession to blot.


Dancing and Polka:

Our Folk built Frith around food, dancing and music. Relationships are founded and maintained through mutual joy and laughter, the deepest conversations can be found around a plate of food or horn of mead, and love can be sparked and rekindled through the closeness of dance and music. And of  course, we dance because Brandy makes us.

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