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Virtue Recovery Meeting - Folkbuilder Ashley McStocker

Exciting news for Asatru Folk Assembly’s official Virtue Recovery Meeting is now active on MeWe! This is a more unique group on MeWe as it is reserved for those that are in (or searching for) recovery.

Many of us, seeking recovery, have used a traditional 12-step program, but there are certain steps that do not coincide with our belief system. For example, the need to turn your will over to an all-knowing God, or to ask said God to remove any shortcoming. This leaves us to either go through the motions and make it work or, more commonly, feel alienated and as if there is not a program that honors ourselves and our Gods. We must give credit where credit is due and we genuinely respect and appreciate the 12-step programs that have done so much good for so many people yet have the need for an inspired and similar yet completely Asatruar congruent 9-step program, which are centered around the 9 Noble Virtues. We are able to be a hybrid meeting. This means that some of us meet together, but those who cannot join in with us via zoom! This opens up the ability for anyone to log on and listen, speak or just observe what we are all about! We currently averaging 5-10 attendees! Member Josh Hemmingson and I are very proud of where our meeting has gone and look forward to it growing more and more!

This is the final installment of the article series going over our 9 steps, as this is the 9th article. We are on step 9: With the spiritual awakening as a result of these steps, we try to carry the message to others and to practice those principles in all our affairs. Noble Virtue: SELF-RELIANCE: Having awakened to the rich heritage of the Gods of my ancestors, and my own constructive power, I go forward in my life to share this spiritual awakening with others, knowing that to gift this awakening is the best way to retain it.

When any one of us has had the opportunity to build our lives on the cornerstones of our faith and our virtues, the act of self-reliance is nothing short of a treat. In active use (whatever that may have looked like) our basic needs changed. In many cases, our use was put above any and all other basic needs, thus making us incapable of sustaining life on our own. Now, with this new power of a life filled with right action and hard decisions, we are able to fend for ourselves. We no longer have to depend on anyone besides ourselves to be in a safe environment and furthermore find so much substance in being able to be a true help to fellow folk in need, in any situation. In this final step, we don’t have to be self-reliant, we GET to be contributing members to our folk and kindreds. This, in and of itself, is enough to push each and every one of us through the hard days when the veil of a disingenuous and destructive life looks like a sweet escape.

Meetings every Thursday at 7pmCST and Saturdays at 9amCST.

If you would like the link information, please contact Folkbuilder Ashley McStocker at! Anyone is welcome to join!

Folkbuilder Ashley Mcstocker


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