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Virtue Recovery Meeting - Folkbuilder Ashley McStocker

The virtue recovery meeting is still going strong, for our Asatruar that are striving to be their best selves and have struggled with dependency. We are able to be a hybrid meeting. This means that some of us meet together, but those who cannot join in with us via zoom! This opens up the ability for anyone to log on and listen, speak or just observe what we are all about! We are currently averaging 5-10 attendees! Member Josh Hemmingson and I are very proud of where our meeting has gone and look forward to it growing more and more!

This is the 4th article so we will be looking at our 4th step that incorporates the virtue of Fidelity. “We admit to the Gods, to another human being, and to OURSELVES the exact nature of our wrong choices. Virtue: FIDELITY: ‘Holding honesty as my honor, I stand before the Gods, my ancestors, and a trusted companion, and lay forth the poison I found within’”

In this, we emphasize admitting to ourselves, sometimes we are able to justify and rationalize past unfortunate choices by simply putting it out of our minds, to have to actively and consciously address things, makes us able to accept those things and truly make the improvements we need so as not to make those poor decisions again.

Fidelity is a loyalty. Though the term is often attributed to a romantic commitment, it is truly a loyalty to everything you are to find true and necessary in your own life. To our ancestors, our careers, our folk, our children, our lover, and of course to ourselves. Having the unshakeable fidelity to be the ABSOLUTE best and virtuous person we can be means that we can conquer any weakness and have unimaginable potential to do our people good.

Meetings every Thursday at 7pmCST and Saturdays at 9amCST.

Ashley Mcstocker



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