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Virtue Recovery Meeting - Folkbuilder Ashley McStocker

In the Baldrshof district, myself and member Josh Hemmingson have started what we call A Virtue Recovery Meeting. This is a support meeting that is based on the 9 noble virtues, making it a “9 step meeting.” We differ from the (much respected) Narcotics and Alcoholics anonymous. While we identify our past choices and reliance on substances, we are striving to fill the gap of what is missing, with a virtuous life. To not necessarily focus on what we used as a crutch, but how we can truly be the most powerful and purposeful beings that we can be.

By applying the virtues in this specific way, we follow a set of steps as they were put together originally by the Odinist AA group out of Texas. Please note, though we follow this set of steps, the design of our meeting has been molded and catered to what we believe will best serve our folk as a whole.

Step 1) Admit we have a problem with addiction and that we have used our personal power unwisely and destructively. Noble Virtue: TRUTH: I stand at the Well of the Wyrd and peering within, I see that addiction is poisoning my fate.

For our step 1 meeting, we each identified how fundamental truth to any extent has been the cornerstone of being true folk. It was noteworthy that we all acknowledged how not sustaining this virtue initiates the crumbling of all we have built from the already once rubble.

Meetings every Thursday at 7pmCST and Saturdays at 9amCST

Contact Folkbuilder Ashley McStocker for details.

Folkbuilder Ashley McStocker


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