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Var, Goddess of the Oath

Var is the Goddess that was known throughout Germania and Scandinavia a thousand years ago.

The Norse that found a way to trade with the Middle East through what became Russia, found a trade route from the headwaters of the Volga River to the Black Sea that is; from what today is known as Ukraine to Crimea, where the Volga River empties into the Black Sea.

It is speculated the reason that the Norse used this trade route was due to the loss of old trade routes through central Europe that were closed to non-Christians, the old routes were used for centuries to trade goods from the North to Rome, however, the elder routes were later dominated by Christian Rulers.

The Norse from Sweden, Denmark, and Norway that developed this route to the large metropolitan center called at the time, Byzantium, later known as Constantinople, also brought law to what became Russia. These were warriors that held the Oath as inviolate, and the Goddess of the Oath in the Elder religion of the North was/is called VAR. Hence, these warriors were known as Varangians.

Byzantium was ruled by a Royal Family it was an Empire and required an army, security forces, and especially a Royal Guard.

Byzantium was politically corrupt and the culture seemingly, degenerate. Assassination was always a threat, and the Palace Guard was corrupt. Into this giant ancient city that the Norse named, Mikligaard, came the Varangians. Due to these Warriors, not corruptible due to their Oath to Var, that is, their mores and spiritual beliefs, they made excellent Palace Guards and did so as mercenaries for generations. Today there can be seen Runes carved into marble posts, much like graffiti, reminding us of their presence.

The long and dangerous Route to the Silver/ Silk trade and from the North, such as Amber/fur/ ivory (Ivory only came from the North at that time), so the trade was prosperous, and the Silver Hoards in Scandinavia can attest.

Hail VAR! Goddess of the Oath

Gothi Thorgrun Odden


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