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The Power of Positivity

This month I would like to speak on the power of positivity and how it is so vital to maintaining that mindset during times of great struggle in our lives. The Egoic mind, the “chatterbox” that is in our heads, exists only here in Midgard and thus constantly creates drama, tempts us with vices, and bombards us with negative thoughts to instill fear and distract us from ascending and learning our true purpose, our Fate. Our Fates were written in the fabric of time by the Norns, and the Gods have given us free will to discover and live with our fate so that we may fulfill our roles in this great recurring cosmic battle. Free will allows us to choose to not be afraid, to do the right thing.

In the Grímnismál from the Poetic Edda, we are told that Valhalla has five hundred and forty doors and eight hundred Einherjar can pass through simultaneously to engage the wolf Fenrir at Ragnarök. This is a total of 432,000 Einherjar, which coincidentally is the number of years of the Kali Yuga, from this we can derive that time is cyclic and we are in the Wolf age. The Völuspá gives us a description of the Wolf age:

Brothers shall strive | and slaughter each other;

Own sisters' children | shall sin together;

Ill days among men, | many a whoredom:

An ax-age, a sword-age, | shields shall be cloven;

A wind-age, a wolf-age, | ere the world totters.

If you haven’t noticed, the world has flipped on its head. What is right is wrong and what is wrong is right and it certainly sounds like this passage from the Voluspa. The fact that you have felt the calling of our Gods and joined the AFA is proof that something higher is out there, you have heroically stood up to do the right thing counter to what the world is telling you. You must always remember that you are doing nothing wrong, there is nothing to fear. You of your own free will have chosen to do the right thing.

Odin and our Gods live without fear battling and defeating the giants that stand in their way, and we must follow their example and lead a fearless life. Do not be afraid of death for it truly is not the end as heroes are destined for Valhalla! Finding your true purpose and living with your fate will make certain that you do not waste your opportunity in this life to do something meaningful. Ásatrú, our ancestral spirituality helps guide us to live heroically and in line with Natural Law. Natural Law are those truths that are inherited in all of us from the moment of birth, passed down from countless generations of ancestors, and by living with these innate laws you will create a happy and fulfilling existence.

Listening to the negative egoic mind creates a tsunami of negativity and crushing fear that will manifest the exact thing you are dreading. By Immediately countermanding negative thoughts with positivity put into past tense and known to you as fact, things will come to pass that seemed impossible. Through controlling and combating negativity we begin to build our will and gain access to our true selves, the part of you that has been through all your re-births here in Midgard. Connecting with the immortal part of you will allow you to understand the nature of Midgard and that it may be directly manipulated according to your desires. The Allfather Odin hung on a windy tree for nine days and won us the Runes by his self-sacrifice, and he teaches them to us so that we may play our part in this cosmic battle more effectively. With this knowledge comes great power and it must not be wielded selfishly but in accordance with your fate.

When you counteract negativity and put out to the universe that something positive has happened, it will manifest. The things necessary for this manifestation to occur will present themselves but be aware they may not appear as you would think, and so you must be open to whatever comes your way, realize that you may have to work for it, nothing is free.

Do not forget to take time to enjoy life, something that seems as trivial as feeling the sun on your skin, or the laughter of your children may help to offset the seemingly endless struggle to obtain your goals, but again do not give in to indulgence as moderation is a discipline all into itself.

Our ancestors greatly dreaded a Straw death, meaning not to die heroically in battle but rather from old age. I would put forth that this may also mean that you remained asleep and did not answer or ignore the call to awaken and take your place in history. So be alert when your intuition guides you or synchronistic events show themselves to embrace them and bravely venture forth to fight in the fray, knowing you will gain your goals and live your fate!

I hope that these words may help you find your higher purpose here in Midgard, and someday may we all feast together in Odin’s Hall, Valhalla!

Hail the Gods!

Hail the Folk!

Hail the AFA!

Gothi Joe Rozanek


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