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Spotlight One - Folkbuilder Jason Gallagher

Jason Gallagher.......the heart and soul of Baldrshof District. There would be no Baldrshof without your dedication!

- Witan Brandy Callahan

My son Henry loves Spider-Man and I was trying to find a performer that could either show up to his 4th birthday party or give us a video call in costume. It was a week before the party and I still couldn't find anyone so I was getting desperate. I knew it was a long shot but I asked if anyone in the Baldrshof district had a Spider-Man costume they could use to give Henry a video call. Folkbuilder Jason Gallagher didn't have a costume but he offered to order one before the party. He managed to get it in time and wouldn't accept any money to pay for the costume. He made my little boy's day by giving us a video call at Henry's party and I will always remember his kindness.

- Member Jordan Welch

Jason is a huge asset to the AFA and he has been for a long time. Matter of fact Jason is the cornerstone that we built Minnesota round and now just a few years later we have an amazing hof up there to Baldr.

- Alsherjargothi Matt Flavel

*For Love of Our Folk is a new series that will highlight some of the very best of Baldrshof District. Those in leadership and membership who humbly live the nine noble virtues in daily life. Bringing to light those little acts that make a huge difference and truly make us family in the Asatru Folk Assembly*


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