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Spirituality vs Religion

Spirituality contrasts entirely the systems of anti-natural dogmatism, in which spirituality is seprated from life and in permanent conflict with other parts to divide reality into which is intended to render people mentally confused, disturbed in order to ;make them easily controlled.

This is what Imperialist cults do when it's goal is to enslave humanity, make everyone join the flock or cult in the name of religion or as the case today the cult the religion of ultra liberalism a new religion.

The word holy as I see it, has been co-opted from our Elder Way, which the word holy meant wholeness of our Being, HAMR-the body, HUER-mind, will, intellect, and OND-/ANDI, soul, spirit, the vital breath. The bringing together of this reality, our Being, is the true meaning of Holy.

Gothi Thorgrun Odden


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