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Runic Yoga Part Two

Odin: Valhalla's Queen! I pray thee say

Which to Vafthrudnis Hall the way:

For I with him intend to try

My skill in ancient mystery.

Frigga: Do not leave thy native skies,

Source of Heroes! I advise:

For well I know no giant might,

Ever witnessed in the fight,

With his prowess can compare.

Odin: Mysteries divine and rare

I've often seen, I've often known,

And now am bent to make my own

All from mortals can I learn.

Frigga: Safe mayest thou go, and safe return,

And, for each Goddess, may thy life

Be safe from every mortal strife.

Let prudence on thy steps attend,

Thus, doubly guarded, Chief! advance

Thro' fate's elaborate mystic dance.

And so, we continue…...

Last month we covered the IS and KA runes. I hope some of you have gotten something out of what was discussed and perhaps given it a try yourselves. One thing I have noticed is that our spiritual practice is no different than for instance our physical. Sometimes we will see great results and sometimes for long periods it's just going through the motions, not seeing or feeling much of anything. We yearn for that lightning bolt of inspiration to hit us again where we become something else for a few brief periods of time and understand it all. Unfortunately, it doesn't always come so easy. It is through continuous effort just like anything else that breeds our results. To add once again positive thinking always. I cannot stress this enough.

Let's summarize a little on the IS and KA rune before we begin what will be covered this month. Previously we talked about the importance of the sound when we sing the rune. This is very apparent, especially in the IS rune. Depending on the sound sung is where we will feel it in ourselves. We talked about keeping a steady 7-second breath, in and out, during each practice as well as visualization. Also, the importance of doing the exercises facing North unless instructed otherwise. IS can be looked at as separating from time and space, being the pillar, and realizing our divinity. KA on the other hand has both physical and spiritual effects, preparing us as we move ahead but, in the end, I will say once again find your own understanding of all of this. It will come. Now let's look at the MAN rune practice.

MAN Rune

Like all exercises begin in the IS rune stance. 3 to 7 breaths taken.

Raise your arms and the palms of your hands facing up.

3 breathes and on the 3rd exhale hum (mmmmmmm) and while doing that rotate in a clockwise position, slower to the North and to East and spinning faster South/West. Do this for a minimum of 9 breaths/3 rotations.

During the practice also try to picture energy coming down from above, entering your hands and back of your head, and finally going through the body until it hits the ground. Note: looking upwards while doing this I have noticed some results like a stream of light entering my forehead and exiting out the back.

When complete and back in the IS rune position say a few positive words to yourself like " I am now charged with the power of my Guides. May I be a representation of the God-Man, the Spirit Man here." But once again this is an example and use something that has significance for you.

After the practice, you will notice in your head area a feeling of lightness. Like the upper part of your "tree" has absorbed what many of us seek, higher consciousness. Lastly in my own personal practice, I don't always picture energy coming down into me but instead me in a way disintegrating and rising up. Resurrecting if you will, breaking free from matter, and leaving this place for a moment to another.

UR Rune

Begin in I rune stance and take 3 to 7 breaths.

Now bend down, legs straight, arms to the floor like the picture provided. 3 breaths and on the 3rd sing (uuuuuuu) deeply. Also, try to picture pulling energy from the earth's floor through your body and out your hands back to the earth. For me, I picture a pulsating, cool energy but use what works best for you.

Repeat the above 3 times, alternating between the IS and UR positions, with 3 breaths on each. After the third is complete lay on your back, head facing North, and try to feel the earth waves pulling through you. It's been said to feel like a drifting or floating sensation. I generally don't get that and instead picture myself as a being of light and one with the source, the Black Sun. Remain in this position for a minute or so but you can do it longer.

Probably one of my favorite things about this exercise is the feeling of quietness that comes from it. It's almost like everything else around you stops for a moment. You stand still in creation in a way, not here nor there. If you try it, over time you'll see what I mean. Lastly and perhaps a topic that some will shy away from, but I will not, and it correlates to UR and life energy. For us men, creation lives in us, and I am sure you know what I am referring to. When wasted not only do we lose physical strength, and our moods change for the worse, but it affects the path we are trying to take spiritually. We lose our willpower and a greater connection to the subtle energies/bodies. I am not saying do not have children…. HAVE children and love your wives/girlfriends but know that each time you give it away and the more you do, there is a price to pay if you choose to walk this path. Use it wisely and to add to my own path not only have I gained a stronger will by practicing this but a greater love for my wife. Seeing beauty far beyond what meets the earthly eye. We'll cover more of this in the EH rune.

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