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Runic Yoga Part 5

If you have made it this far this IS a very important juncture in your "Path" with the Runic Practice we will be discussing today. All I can say is do not let up. Keep going. Your sacrifice will be all worth it. Let's get right into it.

SIG Rune

Face North in IS rune stance and take 3 to 7 breaths.

Now bend down like in the picture provided forming SIG. There are 2 variations to this Rune. One with legs together and one with legs spread apart. In the beginning, you may find it easier with your legs apart.

Keep your back as straight as possible, eyes forward and fixed on something.

Breath like in any other practice so far along with periodically singing (siiiiggggg) You can picture the energy coming down from above and running into you and to the floor or my personal preference is drawing it up to my spine. You will notice a sensation in the back of your head during it.

Keep this stance as long as possible. The longer the better. Go for 9 breaths to start out and continue to extend as you get better with it.

Stand up and feel the power within you. Take a few moments to send it out to someone like a spouse, child, or even our people as a whole. "May you have victory, health and salvation always" or something along those lines, and really picture yourself doing it. Know you are and in doing so make a true change in this world for them. Or you can take a few moments to think about your victory in the last Runes covered (NOT, EH). We'll discuss that below.

Note: This is quite a challenging position. There is nothing wrong with standing up, taking a few moments, and going again. Over time though you'll be able to withstand it for longer and longer periods of time.

TYR Rune

Face North and take 3 to 7 breaths.

Raise your arms like in the picture provided.

Now as you breathe in, picture pulling energy into yourself from below. Both up your trunk and your arms. Bringing it to the top of your head. Also, periodically sing (tyyyyyyrrrrrr).

Do this at minimum of 9 breaths.

When complete, take a few moments to think about your rebirth and loss of fear. You at this point know your path, the path to All-Father, and what you are supposed to be. In reality what you always have been. Your Tru Self.

Note: The longer you do any of these exercises the greater the effect you'll see. In upcoming articles, we'll be going over how to best break up all of these practices. Obviously, we have lives and must live in this world too. You may feel that it's taking quite a bit of time to do. As I mentioned above it will all be worth it in the end but there are also ways to get the most out of it without jeopardizing other areas of our lives.

Now let's cover the transformation process that is happening in what we just covered. In NOT we discussed "Laws". The laws of this place. Entropy, fate, tension, action, reaction, etc. The Hero no longer fights it or has overcome it entirely. He has changed his "inner view" of it all. He's beaten Nature i.e. his lower self/animal self. In doing so he grabs the attention of his Beloved, his higher self, and ascends upwards to another realm. Tearing a hole to another reality, outside of the realm of the laws he formerly knew. We can view this very similarly to Siegfried and Brunhilde when he crosses her "wavering flames". He's given divine knowledge, away from here and of course "They" become "One". But in the story, Siegfried or "They' come back and that is exactly what we must do. There is still work to be done.

So now we come to the SIG and TYR rune. SIG itself in this context is kind of a transition between EH and TYR. A great victory has been won i.e. his Valkyrie, Beloved, Higher Self, Salvation, Divine Knowledge, etc. TYR is where everything changes. He will never be who he once was again. He has "stepped down from the world tree" as someone else. We are no longer speaking to the old person but a new one entirely. He rises above all that is mundane and distracts him from his mission. He is no longer spirit trapped in the matter but spirit over matter….matter spiritualized. He has "Her and Him" now within. He is reborn.

It is now time for him to go a step further. He has reached a "turning" point. He now will transmit all he has gained to the outer world for good and get to know HIM as well.

I'd like to close with what has been said so far is not easy. It may not go exactly as described either.

NOT to TYR can be very challenging. Your "old self" will be kicking and screaming the whole way. You could find much turbulence in your life. He does not want to die but he must so that "You" may live. Once to the "other side" you'll know you are no longer

the same person and others will know it as well. None of this is supposed to be easy but as with anything that has true value….it never is.

Folkbuilder Adam Hudak


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