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Rune Means Mystery

Hails from Northern Idaho! Last month in May we met to discuss the Rune Raidho, and we had a lengthy discussion of this rune which was very enlightening. For those of you who are led to the Runes here are some important facts that I have discovered during my journey, give them a read and they may help you in yours.

The word Rune means mystery, or secret, and these symbols contain the mysteries of the Universe and the keys to unlocking them reside inside you. To learn the Runes, you must begin to internalize, and this is done through meditation and developing your will.

The Egoic mind is the aspect of our mind that chats with us as we move about our day, it is the “voice in our head.” The Egoic mind only exists here in this world of Midgard, and is very protective of that fact, so it is constantly creating drama and using distractions to keep us separate from our True self. The True self is our immortal soul that has been present in all our incarnations here in this world, it is the real you.

Your will is the part of you that controls your desires and actions, and you must actively begin to train and strengthen your will so that you may control your thoughts during meditation. Your will is strengthened through austerity and discipline, for example fasting. Fasting is denying the basic need of your body to stay alive; our bodies constantly crave food and by fasting you are rising above the normal function of material existence. This builds your will.

Meditation is the practice of controlling your thoughts and quieting the egoic mind, and this is done so that you begin to access your Fetch/ your true self. Once you begin to access your Fetch, this higher part of you will start communicating with you through inspiration, intuitive thoughts, and that feeling in the pit of your stomach. This will allow you to function in images, feelings, and emotions.

Each Rune has a poem connected with it, and this poem contains the power of that individual Rune. The keys to unlock the Rune poems are inside of you, they are passed down to you from your ancestors, and meditating on the shape of the Rune and it’s poem will allow you with your Fetch to unlock it’s power.

Galdr is an Incantation or evocation, and it is the calling forth the power of the Rune so that you may work your will and gain your desires, this is Magic.

MAGIC -The term Magic has been made a joke by the media and was literally murdered out of us by Christianity. Magic is real, it is what our ancestors used to create changes in this reality, it is the power of the runes and when you use them you are creating Magic. The many ceremonies described in order to obtain a willed result, are guides to get you into the correct mindset to create that result. Meditation (controlling thoughts) is key, the longer you can hold an image and feeling/emotion towards a desired outcome without being distracted by random thoughts, the more successful you will be.

The Runes are like the keys of a piano and act on different wavelengths of energy. These different wavelengths are separated and defined by the individual Runes. String theory tells us that everything is vibrating like the string on a violin, right down to the smallest particle, This includes our thoughts and intentions that we set forth from our minds, which shape and change not only ourselves but the environment that surrounds us.

When you Galdr on a specific rune, it vibrates that wavelength. I have found that the runic wavelength is feeling and emotion. The action of you implementing this feeling or emotion with images towards a desired result causes changes in the world. When performing Galdr, you must hold that feeling or emotion with the image of your desire for as long as possible without any thoughts in your mind, you will know when you are done. Then release it and do not think of it again.

You must KNOW, not believe, that the runic energy and the change that you set forth into the world is real. As real as a table or a rock, it is not a wish or a hope. Wishes are an impossibility, and hopes may not come true, it is a FACT. You must think of the change you are sending is already done, it is past tense. Doing this will cause the universe to take the appropriate steps necessary for your desire to manifest. If your egoic mind brings up thoughts such as “this will never work”, or “maybe it’s not working”, immediately countermand it with past tense positive mantra (mind protector) about your desire. Such as “I received a promotion at work”, or “I got a new car”, or “I built a log home in the country”, whatever your desire is put it in the past tense. If you dwell negatively on your desire more than you do positively, the negativity will defeat your magic.

Your intent is a projection, and the manifestation is reception. The energy of the universe will take your intent and make it into something. You need to be willing to receive that manifestation when it arrives, that means being aware of the opportunities when they present themselves. What you manifest may not be exactly what you envisioned but will still fulfill that manifestation. Sometimes you must let the universe do its job and not micromanage it.

We must speak briefly of the nature of the universe and this reality that you are now in. Ymir was the first conscious being and everything in our known universe derives from him, including you. The world you are experiencing is a mind-created illusion of Ymir, so the universe is mind, and you are an individual point of consciousness of that mind. Your Ego separates you from Ymir and once it is quieted you remove the separation and the weight of the entire universe is behind you, your will is that of the universe!

The Gods and Goddess are our blood kin and want us to succeed, this is why I would recommend that you hold a private blot to the All father and ask for knowledge and wisdom in learning the Runes, he will help you.

Gothi Joe Rozanek


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