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Reclaiming Nobility: Oaths

Let’s talk about something that we often take for granted, but was deadly serious to our ancestors:


Promises or vows made before the Gods, and before any Folk gathered to witness them. These promises are often spoken of in Asatru circles, and they are often made loosely with little to no follow-through… This is wrong on a multitude of levels.

First, it is obviously not good to be known to the Gods as an oath-breaker. Nastrond is said to await those who break their oaths.

Second, the luck of the witnessing Folk is tied into the luck of the individual taking an oath. This is why, in the AFA, oaths during High Sumbel must be cleared with leadership before being made over the horn. Everyone who holds that horn in that ritual will be tied into any and all oaths that are taken. If the individual fails in their oath, the luck of everyone at that Sumbel is affected.

Lastly, when you walk the road to Hella’s Home, to return to your ancestors, do you want to be greeted as someone who spoke their words with carelessness?

Remember that when you speak words at all, you are speaking with the Breath of Life given to you by the All-Father. Over the horn, or when taking an oath, these words spoken with Ond should be spoken bright and true and should be backed up by right action.

“Words are Wind, Deeds are Iron”.

Gothi Trent East


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