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Prairie Fire Kindred of Nebraska, the newest official AFA Kindred

I'd like to give a little context to our flag. It's beautiful and I couldn't have come up with something so incredible without Josh Rapin and Madison East taking the ideas I had and putting them into images, thank you both so much. It's also incredibly meaningful for our Kindred and I would like to say it's a summary of what the AFA has done for us.

The name of our Kindred is Prairie Fire. A prairie fire is a fire that scorches the earth with incredible force and speed. This has become a major, major issue here in Nebraska with the advent of monoculture and chemical pesticides because a prairie fire will reverse that man made shift and revert the fields they have spent generations perfecting into its natural state within a year. The heat from the fire activates those deeply buried seeds of the long gone prairie and allows nature to heal regardless of what the corporate field owners want planted there. This is exactly what we hope to bring to Nebraska and to the AFA at large. We want to help bring that awakening that burns away the centuries of Christianity burying our Asatru blood memory and allow our Folk a fighting chance at knowing who they are meant to be and what's dormant inside of them. The Prairie Fire will burn away the old self and give us the chance to sprout and connect to the Folk Soul.

The flag colors and symbols represent the colors and shapes of Nebraska. The golden fields, the Western bluffs and cliffs, the beautiful blue sky over the rolling hills.

The flag's focal point, the golden Sonnenrad, represents the new day dawning on our Folk. It represents the power and might of the Æsir and the cyclical nature of our stories and awakening. I feel that we are entering a new Golden Age of Asatru and for the Æsir and I wanted to capture that on the flag.

The red outline is a representation of the ALU-ULA formula. Without cluttering up the flag we wanted to show the gifting cycle. From the Folk to the Gods to the Folk. The red was Burt's idea and I think it not only visually enhances the flag but the symbolism is amazing. Lastly we have the goldenrod. State flower of Nebraska, used by our Pioneer Ancestors to find water and therefore life. It can be used for dowsing and it grows overtop our many buried springs, giving hope to the Folk who struggled and sacrificed so greatly to build something truly their own.

Hail the Gods! Hail the Folk! Hail the AFA! Hail the Folk who made the Prairie Fire Kindred possible! Hail Jason Gallagher! A special thank you to Jason for pitching the idea and putting this beautiful thing into motion.

Alison Clausen

Apprentice Folkbuilder


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