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Our Yule Tradition Freyr’s Day

Dec 31st Freyr’s Day: The Last Night of Yule is in dedication to Freyr, Fro-Ing, Frodi, the Fruitful lord and the laughing prince of Alfaheim. This night is marked with a huge celebration of food, and drink. A pig head is cooked on this night. After blot a sumbel is held and New Year oaths are done upon that Boar’s head. Gifts between kinsman are given out during Sumbel and honors and titles are given out by leaders. Freyr is honored during Blot and all the Gods during sumbel. Then the final and official end of Yule is at night when a torch is lit with the Yule candle and a Boon-Fire is lit and once it is going bright and burning the Yule candle can finally be extinguished.

Witan Svan Herul


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