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Our Yule Tradition Ancestor’s Night

Dec 24th Ancestor’s Night: So in the morning The Yule Wight inglenook spirit has placed the wrapped gifts from the Ancestors under the Yule tree. He has eaten his offering and filled the stockings of the family with appropriate gifts or ash and burnt wood to naughty children if they are so deserving for their ill behavior. Ancestors gifts have their individual names upon them and usually contain gifts of utility and care that ensure the next generations comfort. Blankets, clothing, socks, boots and the like are often what the Ancestors give. The Yule Wight is a spirit of gifting and having fulfilled his duty is pleased by giving so the family then brings their own gifts down that they intend to gift to their siblings and parents and vice versa and place them under the tree. They are left there for the day to be opened after Blot to the Ancestors and the Yule Wight Generally his Yule Goat is laid to rest ( The Straw Bokken) and is burned during the Blot. Following this the family gathers and the pictures of the honored ancestors are brought in and their gifts are dispensed out. As each child opens a gift from their Ancestor they are talked about and told stories of their lives. Once all the Ancestors gifts are given out and opened the Gift exchange begins and each family member gives their gifts to the other family members and they are opened.

Witan Svan Herul


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