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Ostara Ritual - Witan Brandy Callahan

Blessed Ostara to the Folk! The days lengthen, the snow and ice is melting, the birds are awake, hope returns…

Spring begins to break through as winter loosens its grip on the earth and on the folk.

A new dawn shines over the horizon.

Below is my personal blot for Ostara and the coming of Spring. Blessed Ostara to all the Folk!

Items Needed: Mead

Water Horn

3 Bowls

Flowers of Choice


Single Flower


1 Folk to assist in receiving gifts and giving blessings.

Entrance: Prior to blot, give a flower to each of the folk present. Enter your sacred space in a clockwise motion.

Blessing of the Mead: If women are the folk are present, ask them to bless the mead prior to blot.

Welcoming: “Folk, welcome to the celebration of spring and devotion to Ostara.

May our voices, in worship to her,

stretch across the horizon

and welcome the coming of the dawn of spring.

Holy Aesir, mighty gods and goddesses of our Folk, we ask for you to join us here,

hear our voices, devoted and pious,

witness our worship,

and see the honor we hold for you in our hearts!

Honored Ancestors, grandmothers and grandfathers as far back as time remembers, we ask you to join your sons and daughters here,

in celebration and in worship!

Friendly vaetter, spirits of this land and place,

look upon us, witness our devotion,

see our nobility and deeds!

Hail Ostara! Goddess of the Dawn, Bringer of rebirth and of renewal,

With you comes the songs of the birds,

The fertility of the fields,

The fresh rains,

And beauty of the blooms!

With you, comes the dawn,

As the light pushes back

The darkness and cold of Winter!

We ask you, to join the gathered Folk here,

Who prepare to give you their gifts,

Who prepare to receive your blessings!

Hear our voices, your name on our lips,

Echoing our worship of you

And carried on the winds of March!

Hail Ostara!”

Receiving the gifts of the Folk: “Folk, close your eyes and place your hands over your heart.

Feel the heartbeat beneath your fingertips. The blood that runs through your veins

Is that of your ancestors. Noble, strong, and beautiful. Gather your gifts for Ostara within your heart,

The best and the brightest of yourself. From your heart and into your hand Push those gifts forward. Open your eyes, and as the horn is brought to you, Through your hand put your gifts into the horn for Ostara.”

Give the vase to one of your folk to collect the flowers for Ostara.

“In your hands you hold your flower

Colorful, beautiful, alive and vibrant. A physical reminder of the beauty

And rebirth spring brings to us.

Into these flowers, pour your thanks

To Ostara for the arrival of spring,

For the rebirth of the earth,

Of fertility and opportunity.

Place your flower of thanks into the vase

As it follows the horn.”

Ask the folk to galdr together as the gifts are given. There are many appropriate runes, I will be using Berkano.

Giving the gifts of the Folk to Ostara: After collecting the gifts of the Folk, hold the horn high, your assistant should hold up the vase of flowers.


The horn is heavy with the gifts of the folk,

Our flowers radiate the beauty of our personal thanks.

If you see these gifts worthy,

We ask that you take them now.”

Place the vase of flowers on the altar and pour the mead into the offering bowl.

Receiving the gifts of Ostara:

Pour mead into the 2nd bowl, water into the 3rd. Hold the bowl of mead high, having your assistant hold the bowl of water.


We ask for your blessing,

For ourselves, for our families,

For our Folk.

Bless us, give us hope,

Let us see the beauty in the world.

Brighten our days,

Make our fields and our women fertile. Give our Folk, if you find us worthy,

Those things they ask for themselves.

May this mead carry your blessings, May this water remind us of the cleansing rains of spring,

The rebirth of the earth,

And the chance of our own spiritual rebirth and renewal.

Hail Ostara!

Hail Ostara!!

Hail Ostara!!!”

Using the spring, asperge the Folk with the blessings of Ostara. Have your assistant, using the single remaining flower, sprinkle water upon the heads of the folk.

Closing of blot:

“Folk, this blot has ended. Take with you, not only the blessings of Ostara,

But the hope of spring,

And the strength of the community that surrounds you.

Hail the Gods! Hail the Folk!!

Hail the AFA!!!”

Witan Brandy Callahan


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