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The Old Norse word describing “luck” or the ability to affect the prosperity or fortune of one’s person or lineage is hamingja.

Folks today see luck as something they don’t have any impact on in their world and is defined as being unpredictable. That is not the case however, although ruling powers would have us believe that taking away the power of the individual to gain power.

For our ancestors luck had no bearing on coincidence or chance. hamingja was directly tied to the man himself and his lineage, part of his personality as is strength or intelligence and is more specifically one’s family luck. The greater the hamingja, the more fortunate one would be. This luck is not something to play with at random. This luck, or hamingja is spiritual momentum that can be gained or lost by actions of one and can have an effect upon Wyrd. Hamingja is greatly influenced by one’s deeds. Right action has a positive effect on hamingja and adds power to it. The same goes for misdeeds and negative actions that will deplete one’s luck. Positivity is absolutely essential for the development of hamingja, as is anything we do to honor our gods, ancestors, and folk. Personal rituals conducted on a daily basis bring symbolism to one’s life and the more positive symbolism becomes a very powerful tool to strengthen hamingja. The rituals of our holy days of the year, attending and participating in Blot and sumbels can significantly increase the luck of a group along with the individuals as well.

As stated above, the opposite it true of luck in that it can be drained off by one’s own actions. Poorly thought out decisions can lead to a drain of our hamingja as will acting dishonorably. A purposeful attack on someone’s hamingja can be crippling, physically as well as spiritually. This type of action does no one any good and is said that for one to participate in such workings will retard their own spiritual advancement, draining their hamingja with no return.

It is important to maintain or increase one’s luck or hamingja, as it is useful in moving through successice existences and striving to be as our gods are. Once realized this can be done fairly easily, simply living by the Nine Noble Virtues, Wotanic Code, Rede of Honor and living rightly as Asatruar as a way of life.

Hamingja or luck, is symbiotic and is an independent aspect of us existing on its own. In all that you do, be aware of your hamingja and how your actions may, or may not affect it.

Folkbuilder Nate Erlandson


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