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Life and Rebirth During WinterNights

The veil is thin this time of year. As Sunna dips low into the horizon, and the days grow short and cold, I find myself thinking of death and rebirth. Aryan myth and time move in cycles, and repeats. There is no finality in death, and without it, life cannot be born anew.

"As with men, it has always seemed to me that books have their own peculiar destinies. They go towards the people who are waiting for them and reach them at the right moment. They are made of living material and continue to cast light through the darkness long after the death of their authors." -Miguel Serrano

The Maestro here is referencing books, but if we look at the quote, he is saying much more. One day will peel off the mortal shell and we will become an ancestor. Our deeds will continue to cast light, or shadow, from beyond the grave. Will your children raise a horn to you? Will they light incense and give offerings to you during this time of year? Will your name be so filled with bright fame that one day your name may be celebrated as a day of remembrance? What we build here in Midgard, echoes in eternity. Meister Von List tells us to practice Aryan nobility in the great things, and the small. By taking the small step in cultivating nobility in all you do, you are well on the path to an honorable life, and to be remembered.

The sun is setting on the year, but the promise of Ostara looms large. Fear, not the cold dark night, resurrection, and the return of the sun await on the path to the awakened.

Gothi Rob Stamm


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