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Law of the Hall

  1. Don’t let our Gods, ancestors and land spirits get too far from our thoughts. Honor them by right action and ceremony. Observe the Asatru holidays for our gods, heroes and folk.

  2. Keep the whole of the folk in mind when speaking to one another. We may not always agree or even like one another but for the folk we must look one another in the eye with a respect for our folk. Work through discord constructively as we owe that to our people to build and grow from each other.

  3. Build a reputation that would be honorable in the eyes of our gods, our folk and the AFA. Our actions and words will be remembered good or ill. Be mindful of our outward intent so that it builds weal.

  4. Do first by your those of your blood and those innangard. Love your family and folk and show loyalty to them before others.

  5. Be a beacon to our folk within and our folk without. The forces of chaos would see that our people are subjugated and bred out. Work towards the continued existence of our people as it is not negotiable.

  6. Speak honestly and openly. Do not be the one that spreads gossip or scorn. Speak one’s mind within reason openly so no one can question your words. Do not allow scorn to be spoken in the hall.

  7. Do not envy your brother or sister because they have gained fame or favor for their fame shines on you as well. Seek to gain your own fame by your might and meign.

  8. Hospitality is a virtue of our folk. Be generous to your folk with aid of your time and effort. Have an open heart and hand for our folk.

  9. Oaths are not to be taken lightly. Back your words up with actions and honor your oaths as if your life or the lives of your folk depended on it.

Abiding by these laws, we will grow together, we will be of one community, and in sharing our strengths and weaknesses we will be Victorious. Above is what the Law of the Hall mean to me personally. We cannot afford to quarrel amongst each other. There are more than enough obstacles out there to fight with that there is absolutely no need to turn on your brothers and sisters here. Stand up for each other, be the first one to reach out a helping hand to someone that wouldn’t expect it. Build your Folk and you will build yourself. We are noble people, and the detractors will always be there to stir things up. Keep your head high, focus on what you can do something about, speak bright words, and bright words will be spoken about you.

Hail the Gods!

Hail the Folk!

Hail the AFA!

Hail Victory!

Gothi Nathan Erlandson


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