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Inner Conquest: Being the Stillness In the Eye of a Storm

Meditation is the tool of kings and conquerors. It is the foundation of a gentleman's "Sprezzatura" and a Lady's "Grace". In our modern times, we are bombarded with an overabundance of stimuli, information, and feedback that one can get lost & overwhelmed in the storm. Contempt for what does not serve us well, and scrutiny in accessing what does wins the day.

First, however you must be able to still yourself and be unmoved in the onslaught. Take a deep breath and let it out. Take another, and let it out slowly. Take a third only through your nose, and out slowly through your mouth. Then repeat this last step for as long as your concentration or time allows. With time this will become a reflex or instinct. Till then work on clearing the images in your head when your eyes are closed until you can hold a blank slate. Learn to not just hear the rhythm of your breath as you relax, during your first few attempts, but work up to experiencing traveling across a room. Focus on becoming aware of the pulsing of your heart and learn to command it when it tries to run on you.

These are all exercises that build a foundation for steeled nerves, bridled & Tru strength, and decisive split-second decision-making. Your stress levels will drop, and your humility grow, or at least the perception of it will. You may also find yourself experiencing more time in a day, or realizing some fights aren't worth the effort, which can be put towards more prosperous endeavors. The clarity and precision with which you can foresee your friends and foes maneuvering in business or conflict can win you the day. Just a few fruits that may come to fruition when you began to master the skill of meditation and find strength in "Isa."

Standing on a foundation of steeled & tempered mind, you can begin the work of the Gods and create order from chaos, rather than being engulfed by it. When in a storm, possess it, and command it, by being the eye in the center of the storm. You have the divine spark to shape the world, use it.

Gothi Jason Plourde


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