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Guido and the Armanen Runes

Hails from the Great Pacific Northwest! The Midsummer celebration at Odinshof this year was an amazing experience as always. The energy there has been evolving over time to become a family centered atmosphere which is great to see. The blots to Odin and Baldr were stirring as led by the Alsherjargothi Matt Flavel and Gothi Trent East. This year Witan Brandy Callahan led the women in a special moving chant calling our folk home in old Norse, and I have to say that it was the magical moment during the midsummer celebration. I also had the honor of giving a presentation about the Armanen runes on Friday afternoon and I would like to speak about them here.

The Armanen Runes are Guido von Lists’ divinely inspired interpretations of the spell songs of Odin. During an extended period of blindness following surgery on his eyes, he had an unverified personal gnosis of these poems’ meaning, believing them to be the original language of the Aryan people. If one studies and meditates upon Guido von Lists’ Armanen runes and their meanings it will lead that person to an enlightenment as to their own divine nature.

My own personal gnosis was with the Elder futhark. The Elder futhark runes each have poems associated with each separate character. Meditating upon these poems and their shapes have revealed to me that each of these rune staves have a vibrational frequency associated with it like the keys on a piano. This frequency is generated with intense feeling and emotion, which is then directed at the object of desire. For example, Fehu is the frequency of value. If you had $10,000 in your hand what is the feeling that is generated? That feeling is that of value in that you can make things happen, you can cause change with it. If you take this feeling and encapsulated yourself in it without any distraction and with high intensity you are creating magic. You will without a doubt get a check in the mail, or a rise in social status, of course you must not have any doubt at all about what you are doing but accept it as a fact. If you think “this won’t work”, “or this is silly”, it will destroy what you are trying to accomplish. You must correct those negative thoughts with positivity and the positive thoughts must outweigh the negative for your magic to work.

The difference between the Armanen runes and the Elder Futhark is for example the difference between a car and a tool. You can build things with tools including the car, but the already finished car will drive you around and you might not know how the car works, but it does.

The individual frequencies of the elder futhark runes allow you to micromanage when implementing your will here in the world of Midgard. The Armanen runes followed to enlightenment, allow the forces of the Nordic God to provide you the things you require in this world, as you have become a higher evolved being in that you are an instrument of the Nordic god.

It has been several years now since my spiritual rebirth here in Midgard, and I would like to say that I have become an instrument of divine consciousness, but it seems to be an almost impossible thing to accomplish. However, I have learned many things in the past 5 years and one of them is persistence. When things seem impossible in all reality they are not, all things are possible, and it depends where you place your energy. If you stumble in your practice, get up and try again and at some point, a breakthrough will occur, or opportunities will present themselves and help with one’s own evolution.

I will end this article with Meister Guido von List’s Hagal rune – “introspective awareness, the consciousness to bear his Nordic God with all his qualities within himself, produces a high self confidence in the power of the personal spirit which bestows magical power, a magical power which dwells within all persons, and a power which can persuade a strong spirit to believe in it without any doubt. Borne by this consciousness which has no doubt inherent, the chosen one controls the physical and spiritual realms, which he contains comprehensively, and thereby he feels himself to be All Powerful. Therefore: Harbor the All in yourself, and you will control the All!

Hail the Gods! Hail the Folk! Hail the AFA!

Gothi Joe Rozanek


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