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Folk Futhark- Part 3

GEBO- This is the rune of the gifting cycle, which is the foundation on which the AFA is built. The Gods have blessed us so abundantly, and even more so since Founder McNallen revived their worship here in Midgard, because of the gifting cycle. If there is a rune that symbolizes Blöt the best, it would be Gebo!

This stave is one of the most different from its Elder Futhark cognate, as it is borrowed from the Gibor rune of the Armanen Futhark. The shape looks to me as a connection between the upper and middle worlds, as if to symbolize the path that the gifts between us and the Gods travel upon.

WUNJO- The rune of joy and harmony! This one is simple, but also quite broad in the scope of its usage. You could use this for anything relating to hope, perfection, contentment, or positivity. For example, I have it carved on the inside of my wedding band, to remind me of the joy in marriage.

This stave is unchanged, it is the same as the one used in the Elder Futhark. Just a line version of the letter P.

HAGALAZ- There are no "bad runes", but there are ones that should be treated more cautiously than others. Hagalaz is one of them. The name translates directly to "hail,” and can be associated with the “storms” in our lives. Chaos, struggle, challenges, anything that can be difficult for us but give us opportunity to grow. My Gothar Program mentor told me that this could symbolize the ancient Germanic custom of holmgang, where two men would battle to the death to prove who was right in some dispute. Hagalaz may make you feel like you’re fighting for your life, but there’s a reward on the other side!

This stave is also taken from the Armanen Futhark, from the Hagal rune, called the “Mother Rune” by many Armanists. I view this stave as the various lines being differing paths that could be taken to the center of the rune, which represents victory at the end of those paths. Victory through trial.

Gothi Trent East


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