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Some of what is contained here is not of my own making, but I feel can be adapted and expresses a path in a simple way for us. Also, these concepts fit well by being 3 stages of life. Keep in mind the different aspects of ourselves (body, mind, emotions, spirit etc) as we go along represented by an animal. Essentially the final stage is the Hagal Rune personified, and this IS what we want to be. The Fox Stage: This is where most people are today. They are like a leaf in the wind. They have no control over themselves, nor do they ever think of it. It's never been considered. Something happens to them, and they react with no afterthought. In doing so, the sly fox has snuck in, undetected again and stolen their power. The "Will" is inexistent here. The Wolf Stage: This is where a much smaller part of us finds ourselves. If you are reading these words, you may fall here. This is where a realization takes place, a need. We start to notice that the untamable beast is lurking in the shadows and interfering in our lives. So, we take action. Walls are put up and we try to keep him at bay in the night. Sometimes we win and others we lose. This is often a long process but our "Will" begins to develop. We begin to notice that maybe being in full control of our inner and outer world is possible. Maybe the wolf can be turned into a dog. Maybe we can make him our friend. The Dog Stage: Only a select few will ever find themselves here. Why not be like a wolf some may ask? "I'm a wolf of Wotan!!! He told me so!!!" I'm sure we have all heard these words. It is my opinion that HE would approve of the dog and here's why. What is the difference between a dog and a wolf? A dog can still be ferocious just as much as the wolf. The main difference is a dog is loyal and tamable. It listens to its master. This master is the center pole, the magical Will, the unmoved mover that directs every aspect of himself. Every aspect has become a dog. Simultaneously they have also become One… Hagal. Ironically, dog spelled backwards is God. Here we find the God Man. We are not Gods like HE, but have become the perfect representation here, in this world so others may follow. We have brought Myth from above and made it alive here. Consider where you may find yourself with the above. There is no better time to begin your upward path and purpose….and that time is now. Find the dog, he leads you to God.

Folkbuilder Adam Hudak


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