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A Thousand Excuses

"Show yourselves men this day, for tomorrow will be too late. There is no safety for you but in victory!”

-King Totila of the Ostrogoths

In any real endeavor, we must consciously decide between action and inaction, between will and weakness. This sounds simple because, in reality, it is, even if it may not always appear to be so.

As men and women living in the Wolf Age, our lifestyles are extremely sedentary when compared with those of our ancestors. Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, etc. are at a staggering all-time high. This is not our fault directly, but it is up to us as individuals to fight this and to be worthy of the names and blood borrowed from our noble forebears.

“Energy is always a choice.”

-Napoleon Bonaparte

As the Alsherjargothi often says, the hardest distance to cross is the one from the couch to the front door. This may sound silly, but consider this: how many times do we talk ourselves out of some healthy undertaking, using a thousand excuses that we know could be swept away if we simply acted rather than continuing to overthink?

There are countless resources on physical fitness and dietary health, so I won't bore everyone with a long list of steps in that regard. However, I will urge you to take that first step- to stand up and go to the gym, to get outside and climb a mountain, or even to get in the car and drive to one of our events so you can meet other people to help motivate you.

Gothi Trent East


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