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Virtue Recovery Meeting - Folkbuilder Ashley McStocker

The Virtue Recovery meeting is still going strong, for our Asatruar that are striving to be their best selves and have struggled with dependency. We are able to be a hybrid meeting. This means that some of us meet together, but those who cannot please join in via Zoom! This opens up the ability for anyone to log on and listen, speak or just observe what we are all about! We are currently averaging 5-10 attendees! Member Josh Hemmingson and I are very proud of where our meeting has gone and look forward to it growing more and more!

This is the 6th article in this installment, so we will be looking at the 6th step: Make a list of all persons we have harmed and become willing to make amends to them all. Noble Virtue: Discipline. Having honestly and completely shared the poison of my past, I choose to attempt to make right what I have made wrong in the past.

You may be asking just how discipline plays into making an amend. Discipline means having the self-control, maturity, and ability to put forthright action, and that is precisely what is needed to make any amends. There is a saying that I have always been particularly fond of; “An apology without change is merely manipulation.” In regard to recovery and forward-moving right action, to apologize and make any amend means to have every intention to not cause that harm again. The newfound discipline in our virtuous and honorable day-to-day lives is essential to assure that these amends are meaningful and in good faith.

Meetings every Thursday at 7pmCST and Saturdays at 9amCST.

If you would like the link information, please contact Folkbuilder Ashley McStocker at! Anyone is welcome to join!

Folkbuilder Ashley McStocker


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