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Our shared history is our foundation. Built upon thousands of years of strong, courageous, determined and amazing ancestors! 

Those stories may caution us. Inspire us! Make us laugh. And sometimes bring a tear to our eye. They bind us and give us guideposts with which to navigate into the future. But let us not forget that the Sagas of tomorrow, are being written TODAY!

Please share your stories of your Kindreds, your meetings and interactions with our elders. The brave tales and the actions that brought you smiles! 

If you don't write them who will? And when you pass beyond the vale those stories, our SAGAS will die with you. 

Do not allow your story or those of your Folk to go unwritten! Share them with Folkbuilder and Baldrshof Historian, Jamie Alainn via

If you don't fancy yourself a writer, that's ok! Tell us your story and let us get it recorded! 

The Living Book of Sagas will soon be displayed at Baldrshof. You will be able to go up to it, turn the pages, and read the Sagas we are living right now! 

We are waiting with great expectation to read and hear your stories!


Folkbuilder Jaime Alainn 

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