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Runic Yoga Part 6 LAF

Last month we discussed an important part of the journey, the SIG and TYR Rune. This month I would like to slow it down a little and discuss One. As I had mentioned we have lives and have to live in this world also. Sometimes too short of a practice breeds little results and sometimes too long has a similar effect. We are all different and have to find what works for us so I can only give advice on what has worked for me. Maybe it can for you.

Before we go any further though I would like to give a glimpse into a practice that I do to start out any Runic Yoga routine. I do nothing till this is done. Hopefully, it will put you in the right frame of mind as it does for me. As always, adjust to what works for you. This is a framework.

1. Stand in the IS rune position. Close your eyes and picture yourself out in space.

2. Now put your left hand on your solar plexus area. Now raise your right and carve yourself out of this place, turning clockwise. Your Ritual Hammer is good for this for obvious reasons.

3. Once done, say a few words like "I am protected from all that is contrary, none may enter this place" or something along those lines. Put your Hammer down at this juncture. Of course, a fist can be used too.

4. Now close your eyes and what you carved out is now the center of the universe, you are it, outside of space-time. Imagine a Black Sun or Universe now turning counterclockwise. While doing this you begin your breathing. At this point in your development, you should be able to sense very easily the above and below Vril stream. It will be very obvious.

5. Do this for a few breaths and then begin singing (eeeeeee). Change the sound from a high tone to a low. The key here is as doing it you are also letting the outer universe know (also the inner) that you are in control, the center of it All. Think of it as a vibration being sent out. Kind of like a warning of who is in charge. Do this a few times. Finished with 3 breaths or so by saying nothing just breath and energy movement.

6. You will now be ready to begin your work. To finish, say a few words like " My Axis is Straight, I control it All. As I grow, may I do good things for others and may I always fight this battle on two fronts with two swords" or something along those lines.

This is also a good time before beginning your Runic Yoga practice to do any accessory exercises. These are things like alternate nostril breathing, Rune pulls, or my personal favorite staring at the HAGAL Rune with a dot in the center. I have discussed this latter practice on MeWe and its benefits. I highly recommend it. It will reveal much. Lastly, I think it would be wise for anyone doing Armanen Rune Yoga to learn the Armanen Cosmic Tree. It is different from what we see in Asatru. I am not saying one is right or wrong but it will give a better understanding of where the energies are coming from and their characteristics.

Now let's talk about breaking up the exercises. The First 5, IS, KA, MAN, UR, and CROSS are extremely beneficial to keep together in one session. In a way you can almost not count IS because you are doing it before any practice anyway. Almost all of this revolves in some way or another with it. It IS important as we know. NOT, EH, SIG, TYR, LAF would be the remainder. So in this context, you'll be doing the LAF rune exercise 14 times in a month or so. To do all of this with accessory exercises takes about an hour. Sometimes longer but what you receive is well worth the sacrifice. Next month with OS we'll break it into 3-day intervals but more on that later.


1. Face North and begin your IS rune stance breathing as always.

2. Raise your hands like the picture provided to form the LAF rune.

3. Now picture yourself pulling energy into your fingertips, up to your head, and then down all the way to your feet as you continue breathing. You may feel like a breeze running over you. Pay attention to it. Periodically sing (laaaaffff).

4. Do this for as long as you can. As mentioned in previous articles the longer the better.

5. Once complete, put your arms down. Notice how light you may feel. Think about the fact that you have a clear vision now, that everything you have been through in life, bad or good, wrong or right, has brought you here to where you find yourself. Lastly, you know how to use your emotions wisely. To sum up, gratitude and positive thoughts as we should already be doing in any Runic Yoga practice.

Now let's go over the transformational aspect here and a few other thoughts. LAF has much to do with Örlög. The top of the Well so to speak. The realm of form, the Astral world or body. What is thought…..happens just like that. There is no time or restriction. "Then" is the same as "Now" or "What should be" and vice versa. It gives us the vision to see clearly, to see it All. Hence " I can name the divine names of all the Gods and Elven kind I know as well as any". It is also the place of emotion and that is important here. LAF allows us to use our emotions positively. When we think back for a moment to the TYR rune and the Two selves now One, reborn in matter, a play if you will start to take place. Water, Emotion are linked to the Feminine but sometimes as we know emotion can be a hindrance to Her. She can lash out uncontrollably in ways where generally He won't. This is of course in no way putting down women. Trust that we Men admire that fire, that passion that you have. It is special and beautiful. A mystery that we all want to know. Nonetheless with the Two now together, reborn here the Hero puts it to good use. Whether anger or joy it's directed under his Will. It's channeled to create what he envisions whether in the mind or elsewhere. There is more to come though. In OS She will give. We'll see this play continue back and forth, side to side until we get to HAGAL.

I hope the above will give you a few keys along the way. I would like to close with one last important aspect of Armanen Rune Yoga. It has been said that Man is standing on his head. That is because his poles are reversed. What is up is actually down and what is down is actually up. The path to Hyperborea if you will is not North but South. With that in mind and if you followed along in doing these practices we started with IS, the Ich, the Will. Without that nothing else can take place. You will not master any other aspect of yourself or out if that isn't guiding you first. As we progressed through the Runes you may have noticed that what you feel in your body is affecting the upper regions and progressively working its way down with each new Rune. This is not all the time but you can see what is taking place. LAF is a perfect example. That comes from below and is more subtle. The Wheel is being turned back to the Origin. This is not the easiest concept to grasp but it was designed to work this way. It will make much more sense in next month's OS Rune description and especially in FA, the Root when the 2 Suns mix.

Folkbuilder Adam Hudak


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