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Mimisbrunnr, Mimirs' Mystical Well

Beneath the roots of the world tree Yggdrasil is a well whose water contains much wisdom and intelligence, and the master of which is Mimir, and it is known as “Mímisbrunnr." Mimir is a giant, son of the first conscious being, Ymir. He is the most intelligent and wise as he drinks daily from the well.

Óðinn in his constant quest for knowledge traveled to Mímisbrunnr to drink from the well and its knowledge of all things, but Mimir demanded that Óðinn give his eye for such wisdom. The All-father plucked out his eye and cast it into the well for a drink, and now it lies at the bottom of the well. He is forever connected to the knowledge contained there.

Óðinn is the cleverest of all, and from him all others learned their arts and accomplishments; and he knew them first and knew many more than other people. It was from the drink he received from Mímir’s well that he gained such wisdom. Wisdom and knowledge required sacrifice, Óðinn sacrificed himself to himself and hung on Yggdrasil for 9 days without food or drink, and nearing death he learned the secret of the Runes. He is the Allfather, and we must emulate him to raise our own consciousness.

Some of us are content with honoring the Gods and ancestors as it is the right thing to do, and they in turn help guide us in our daily life. Others must know more, and Óðinn is our God, and following his example we embark on a quest where no stone is left unturned until we learn the answers of why am I here? Why do we exist? What is my purpose? What is life?

It has been two years since I have held meetings wherein, we discussed Gods, Spirits, Magic, Runes, and the otherworldly things that we have no clear understanding of in hopes that we could make some sense of it all. Near the end of our discussions the things that were revealed to me became almost impossible to convey and I needed time to evolve. It is at times like those that the Allfather will provide the next step to take, and we need to be open to accepting that guidance. AFA founder Steve McNallen gave me several recommendations, and through these I discovered the rigid practice I needed to take that next step.

On August 31st we held our first episode of Mímisbrunnr, a bi-weekly series of meetings where we discuss raising our consciousness through the lens of Asatru’, our native European spirituality in this modern world. Why would we want to raise our consciousness and what does that mean exactly? It has taken me 7 years of intensive spiritual development and investigation to get a glimpse of what the answer is. We want to raise our consciousness because good things happen when we do, and if we collectively do it, we all benefit.

How do we raise our consciousness? Through connecting with that immortal part of us, the Fetch, in old Norse known as the Flygia. We all have a purpose, some part to play in the web of Wyrd that was written at the time of our births. We have free will to choose whether to rise to the occasion and live this purpose or not. In our lives there are many distractions; alcohol, drugs, sex, television, food, an infinite number of things that our ego uses to create drama and keep our consciousness from rising. The ego exists only here in this world, and it does not want to leave.

Through a spiritual practice that harnesses the ego and strengthens the connection to the Fetch, your purpose in the web of Wyrd will be revealed and you will be given exactly what is required to perform your duty here in this world of Midgard. This in turn will lead to a fulfilling existence and a happy life. We are all at different levels of evolution and no two people are the same, thankfully our Gods and Goddesses are here to guide us and they will help you in becoming the absolute best that you can be.

So, join us on September 14th at 7:00 PST as we continue our journey to enlightenment and discuss the Gothic runes with AFA author Fritz Maes.

Hail the Gods,

Hail the Folk,

Hail the AFA.

Gothi Joe Rozanek


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