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Folkmother Else Christensen 1913 - 2005

***This article was first published in “The Odinist” by Else over 40 years ago. Asatru has grown not only in numbers but in understanding of our ancestor’s practices since that time. It is important to know where we came from and to honor the pioneers of our faith, so we can continue to move forward in knowledge and strength.***


When a Wotanist attempts to speak of Nordic ideals to his or her blood kin who do not yet believe in the Norse religion, they are often met with derision, hate or, in some instances, even violence. To us who have grasped the spiritual and cultural greatness of our Euro-Tribe ancestors, such attitudes seem ridiculous and without rhyme or reason; but we tend to forget that so many members of our folk have been completely misled and thoroughly corrupted by the false ideas of Judeo-Christian slave morality and the death-wish religion called Christianity.

We forget the long, rough and rocky road over which many of us have trodden before we arrived at our present clearness of vision; a road that was obstructed at every turn by alien concepts that perverted and degraded our precious heritage. We forget the hardship we suffered in the attainment of each successive stage of our own road to self-discovery and self-reliance; we forget the mental misery of those who, weak of will, slid back into the suffocating embrace of subservience to the organizers and supporters of the Christian creed and its alien 'philosophical science', its alien 'values', its alien 'law', and its alien 'god'.

I have personally lost much in the way of closeness to friends and family while on my journey to Wotan, but I have also gained much that is invaluable. I have gained the knowledge of who I am, what I am of, and where I am headed.

Who am I? I am a believer in the faith of my blood, -- What am I of? I am of the Nordic-Aryan Folk. -- Where am I headed? I am headed toward a new world -- a world in which the offspring of my blood and that of my future mate will unfold and grow; a world in which the unspoiled genes and ideals of our Aryan ancestors shall blossom and ripen unfettered in the most fertile setting that I am able to provide.

We Wotanists do not beg of our Gods. We struggle alongside them, shoulder to shoulder, in the sure knowledge that the awesome power they represent will be on our side in the never-ending battle to forge strong ties of kinship, to hammer out a better world, and to prepare ourselves for a brighter future in which our folk shall no longer be beholden to a death-god or slave-religion but proudly honor our own Euro-Tribe Gods, our own Euro-Tribe heritage, and our own Nordic Aryan Folk. Hail Wotan! .......................G.H.

(From Elsie Christensen's "The Odinist" periodical 1982 # 63 )


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