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Folkmother Else Christensen 1913 - 2005


Dear Fellow Odinist: The Publication of The Odinist has ceased effective immediately, The reasons for this sudden interruption are as follows: Without going into details, your editor has been sentenced to 5 years for "Conspiracy to move an illegal substance (marijuana) across state lines." This stems from three trips I took 2-3 years ago with some local people (non-Odinists). On the way home, unbeknown to me, the trunk was filled with pot. The people from one trip confirmed in court that I knew nothing about the pot, nor was I aware that anything illegal was taking place. However, two females from the other trip swore in court that I was part of the "conspiracy." They made a deal with the F.B.I. known as a "5-K-1" and a "rule 35" which cuts their sentence to a fraction of what it other wise would have been. The case is being appealed and the prospects for a reversal are good, but the process will take time and is not possible to continue normal operations. The Odinist has therefore joined with Steve McNallen's Runestone. The Runestone is published quarterly for $10/year. Paid subscriptions will receive 1 Runestone for each 2 issues that are still on the books. Those who already have a subscription to The Runestone, will have it extended accordingly. The Giallarhorn Book Service is shipping all supplies to The Runestone and it's books will be available there. We are doing our best to make this a satisfactory arrangement for everyone; and of course we will arrange for a refund if asked. We are not out of commission. When the present difficulties have past, we have plans into the next century. We shall meet again in the pages of The Runestone, and in many other times and places before the work of the folk is done. (P.S, The Fellowship's P.O. Box [Box 1647, Crystal River, Florida 32623] will remain operational [Editor's 2009: This address was terminated following Else Christensen's deportation to Canada following her prison sentence and her subsequent death in 2005).

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