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Folkmother Else Christensen 1913 - 2005


by Ron McVan

She never traveled the common road, she held her standards high. The knowledge she gathered, was a treasure to all, just as light from Odin's eye! She studied the runes and mythology, she practiced what she preached, with Nature to set her on her course, its wisdom she would teach.

Her name was Else Christensen, to Odin she was true, and worked each day to honor her gods, her heroes and ancestors too. She wrote on history and philosophy, on the Viking days of old, of dragon ships and shield and sword, and Nibelungs hoarding gold!

Else strove to enlighten her folk, to revive the ancient ways, Culture, Tradition and Heritage, these subjects filled her days. Never would she waver, her perseverance would not fail, and when all her monthly bulletins were done, she send them through the mail.

Else was an Odinist, when Odinists were few, but through her work she helped it grow, and through new roots it grew! Today we honor Elsie, as Folk Mother of our tribe. For she has left a legacy, too valuable to describe.

We hail you Else Christensen! In Valhalla high on high! The Valkyries, they have lifted you, cross the Bifrost rainbow sky! Look down on us here in Midgard dear friend, where we celebrate your name, and know that your deeds are remembered here, your spirit, your life, your fame!



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