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Asatru Academy Update

Our AFA Asatru Academy is humming right along and looking forward to the spring season! Currently we have 33 students attending our academy, and we look forward to adding even more students as we prepare to offer K-6th grade this fall. When we began the academy last year, we made a commitment that we would always have the next grade ready, so we could follow our students as the progress and they would always have the next grade level ready for them. I'm very proud that the Academy staff has worked very hard to not just meet this commitment, but far exceed it. For the next school year we will have kindergarten through 6th grade ready for students! We are very proud of all our students and families, and we are very proud of all your successes! We celebrate victory together!

Robert Stamm

Goði, Asatru Folk Assembly

Dean of AFA Academy


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