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Asatru Academy Activities

What an exciting time with the Asatru Academy, the AFA, and our future. We're now a solid month into the school year, and it's been a productive start. We're pleased to be able to start doing weekly video calls now with the parents and students, and new from today's meeting, weekly live story readings! Working with these early grades really does wonders to put a smile on your face. The kids got to learn what happens when you "give a mouse a cookie" (hint...they ask for some milk), and I'm excited already for next week's call.

On top of these live story readings, we've also had a good influx of parents and other AFA members submitting their own stories readings for us to upload to the kids. If you're interested in volunteering to make some recordings for our kids, whether that be telling you're own life-stories or reading something from our kids' suggest book list, feel free to reach out to me, and I'd be happy to explain a bit more about the process and possibilities.

As we're turning the corner towards the cooler months of the year, this marks a great time for our kids to get outside, exploring the rapidly changing environment. Watch as the leaves change, notice how the bugs hide away from the chill, and see all the pretty colors of the autumn world. Whether you're 6 or 60, I bet going on a fall walk through the woods, with leaves crunching under foot, would do just about anyone well.

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