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Armanen Rune Yoga, Part 9 Hagal

"Seventh I know, if I see a Fire

High around the Housing of Men;

However wide it burns, I will bring it to Rest

with taming Magical-Songs."

We have come to the end of the sacred 13 with Hagal but in reality, it is a new beginning. The life that we knew is no more. Everything looks different and we are different. Almost nothing is the same. Our inner and outer world has been transmuted. I truly hope some of you have received some of the blessings that this path can give to you. It surely isn't over at Hagal either. In fact, there are other practices beyond what has been discussed. Perhaps one day we can follow up on those but in the meantime continue building up these Rune energies in you and "know" that you are more than just a physical being.

We have somewhat a lot to go over when it comes to the Hagal practice, but I wanted to touch on what it truly means to be Left Hand Path. Yes, I said the word! Yet here is the strange thing. If you have been following along with any of this, you have taken part in LHP practices essentially. This whole time we have been slowly conquering the darkness within ourselves and in some way rising ourselves towards the High Ones. Some of us have learned to love our women through thought vs physical contact. Some have generated their own mead vs drinking it from the horn. We have deprived ourselves of many other earthly desires so that more will be revealed. We have stayed committed, sacrificing our time towards our practices every day for months or even years on end. We have also built our physical bodies up as well as our "other bodies" and as I have tried to stress in the past correct/ positive thinking always. All in all, we have become a better self and in turn, made the world better because of it. In fact, much of what we do was never for us but for those to come. To add, taking up this path we should not hope for any results. We should just DO. As it's been said, "Hyperborea will be found when you stop looking.". Nonetheless, I would argue that if that's what LHP is we should all be proud of it, and I would think our Gods would be proud of it too. Remember they want us to be more like them. I hope this gives you all something to think about. Just like there are many degenerate RHP folks, there are many that aren't. The same applies here.

Let's move on to a brief summary of all that we have covered so far with Armanen Rune Yoga. Much of what has been said has focused on the path of the Hero and that is my conception of the Armanen Runes. They are for He. The Is Rune is vital hence why it begins any practice. It "calms the waves" within and at the same time awakens the most powerful part of us that will be reunited with Hagal in the end. Ka is next and it helps open the door to other realms, but it will only do so if you are living right here. Think about that for a moment. Man is third and you gain the power from above because of what you have done here in Ka. Ur is wisdom from the Well as well as the source of Vril. It also is the Rune of "Memory." Cross is fifth. It combines all the energies, wisdom, and gifts from the previous Runes into one. This helps us as we go forward. The Not Rune is next, and it destroys the animal self, hate, etc. Eh plays off Not. It is the total opposite. The higher part of us and all that remains is love. Sig is eighth and is a sign that gives us victory everywhere. We will need it and She give us just that. Tyr is the reincorporation of what happened from Not on. The reborn higher self in matter. Laf is twofold. Emotion is controlled. Also, our Garma no longer affects us. It is overcome. Os is the Rune of the Wise Leader and blends the Astral body from Laf with the Spirit above. All chains are broken as the Hero becomes like Wotan. Finally, this brings us to Fa. The Rune of spiritual fire. A being of pure consciousness. The initiated Hero has made it home. He has turned back the wheel, gone through all the worlds, gained knowledge from them, and defeated death. He will always be as Fa/Allfather. This brings us to Hagal.

Hagal Rune Yoga Practice

Note: There are far too many pictures to show this in full but if you have done the previous exercises, it will all come together fairly easily.

1. Face North and take 5 to 7 deep breaths in the Is Rune Stance.

2. Raise your arms in the Cross Rune position. Breathe in and as you breathe out turn clockwise, pivoting with your feet like an axis, and as you do so say haaaaa or ha ha ha ha.

3. You are now north again. Raise your arms into the Not Rune and do the same as in Cross. Turning and humming nnnnnnn instead.

4. Now Cross again. Same process as step 2.

5. Now the Eh Rune. Turn and sing aaaaaaa.

6. This brings us to another Cross turn.

7. You pause, breathe in the Is rune position and sing eeeeeeee. No turn here.

8. You raise your arms into the Man Rune Position. Breathe in all from above then turn and hum mmmmnnnn.

9. This brings us to another Cross Rune turn.

10. Now you take the Tyr Rune position. Pulling from below, turn and sing tttyyyrrr.

11. Another Cross Rune turn.

12. Pause, breathe in in the Is Rune position again and sing eeeeee.

13. Lastly, make the Gibur Rune stance (basically an X) no turning and sing haaaa or geeeee. I tend to do the latter, but it is up to you.

Note: You can say the runes softly during this or somewhat louder. Change the tones. An important thing to remember is galdring is not done just in a deep tone. Much will be revealed about the nature of the Runes by switching them as it moves throughout your body. Also, for those who have never tried galdring some of the Gods names much will be revealed about Them as well. "Oddiiinnnnnn" is very apparent. The above is repeated 3 times. During and after each round try not to think of anything. Go into what has been called the "void state". Stay in the Is rune position and turn off all thoughts before going again. During the Hagal practice itself, your eyes remain open and locked slightly above and think of nothing. You can also focus on the bridge of your nose in the final round. You may get some pressure in your chest during this but over time it will start to subside as you improve your breathing.

So, what is the Hagal Rune? I would like to give some information on what probably many of you know and some of my own thoughts. Typically, we think of Hagal as the entire cosmos, the World Tree. At the same time on a smaller scale represents the human body. We are our own cosmos in every sense of the word. So much goes on inside of us. There are what may be considered contrary forces and there are some that would be considered positive. All work against each other at first until the One in the center takes control and directs it to his desires as has been touched on already. The One has learned to use every aspect of himself for good. In the end, there really isn't bad or good. They just are. They are two of the same but on opposite sides of the spectrum. We have the Man and Yr rune combined as well. The Androgynous being. Matter and Spirit combined as well as some have said. If we look up into the night sky and view Venus, it shines very much like Hagal. Venus has been associated with the Gral and so has Hagal. I do believe it is the Gral Rune. It is like a calcified image of what we need to strive to be. Simply put, the God Man. Wotan descended and hung on the Tree, here, Externsteine to win back the power of the Runes. Essentially, HE became Hagal after that. Ironically, we find ourselves in the very same place. This beautiful occurrence only happens here. We are that lucky. Often, we look up to the starry heavens hoping to be somewhere else. I understand. I have been there but there is no need to do that. The action or proving grounds if you will IS under your feet. All the tools we need are right here and within us. Destiny has brought us here. We are exactly where we should be.

Hail he who learns them.

Hail he who teaches them.

Therefore, take advantage of the blessings.

He who hears them.

Whether He comes, whether he goes, Wotan's Knowledge remains……

Folkbuilder Adam Hudak


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