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Folkbuilders Cody and
Allison Clausen



We are Cody and Ali Clausen, Folkbuilders from Nebraska. We've been married seven years and have two children. 


Ali: I am a stay at home mom and crochet artist. I found Asatru about eight years ago and immediately knew it was for me. I grew up in Western New York in a Christian/Catholic household but always had pagan leanings which were encouraged by my father. One of my favorite memories as a child is walking through aisle after aisle of antique malls with my dad and just wondering who the original owners were and what their lives were like. I still do this and recognize it now as a natural part of Asatru and our remembrance of those Folk who came before us. 


Cody and I discovered the Asatru Folk Assembly shortly after we were married, but for various reasons, we took other paths, until this past summer, it finally came back into our view, and we realized that, if we're going to raise strong Folk, it would be with a firm belief in the Æsir. The exact moment I knew where I needed to be was when Witan Callahan said on Victory Never Sleeps that Asatru was our birth-right; it clicked for me immediately. To have such a strong woman tell me that I was welcome and wanted made it barely a decision anymore. I knew we had to do it. 


Since coming home to the Asatru Folk Assembly, I have discovered a part of myself that has a deep and unwavering need to help my Folk. Everything I get to do for my fellow Asatruar feels like a chance to help family. 


My current projects include a twice monthly Sisters Sunday Chat where we meet on Teams to chat about life, motherhood, crafting, anything that you would talk about with friends. I send out the Welcome to Baldrshof booklets to every new Baldrshof member. I absolutely love this, it's so exciting to have new Folk coming home! I am also heading the recently released AFA Social Book Club, where we'll gather to discuss classic literature of our Folk, and hopefully learn a bit more about our history and where we come from. 


Cody: My name is Cody Clausen, and I'm an Apprentice Folkbuilder out of Nebraska and a truck driver. I grew up in an Evangelical Christian household, but I never really felt a connection with Christianity. I have always had an interest in pre-Christian European religions, so I decided to do a little more research and found Asatru. After getting married, we eventually found our way home to the Asatru Folk Assembly in August 2022. We quickly made the decision to become Apprentice Folkbuilders. I am currently hosting the Baldrshof Lords monthly men's meeting, working with a great team of Folkbuilders on our Rune Study, and building a new kindred with my lovely wife. I'm proud to be serving our Folk in as many ways as I can!

Ali's Song

Cody's Song

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