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Hello, I am James’s wife, Sara. Like my husband, I am an AFA Folkbuilder. I am also a grandmother, mother, and sister. I came home to the AFA after a fateful day in Minnesota, when I was welcomed into the house of Folkbuilder Jason Gallagher for a gathering with Northern Blood Kindred. Meeting the members of that kindred was truly like coming home. I had already been intrigued by photos from Odinshof that showed the multigeneration of families gathered to worship the old gods. I was happy that my other half had found his place within the AFA already, it was very natural to bring the rest of the family home. I stepped up in February of 2022 to be an apprentice folkbuilder in our district. Originally my thought process was to help my husband better serve the Folk but it soon became clear that I had much to offer our Folk. Currently, I am on a mission to show our ladies that they have an important role within the AFA and to bring more home. The future is brighter with a balance of both sexes working together. If you are a significant other of a member who hasn’t come home yet, contact me and I can show you that you also have a place here. I am part of the Ladies Mysteries Podcast team. This is a monthly podcast that encourages the ladies of the AFA to dive deeper into their personal relationships with our Gods and Ancestors. I also help Gythia Brandy Callahan with the Ladies Book Study. Currently we are finishing up Deep Ancestors and will be moving on to Beowulf using a beautiful study guide created by Gythia Brandy. I support Gythia Sheila McNallen with a special group on Mewe for AFA members over the age of 55 that was created to help build strong bonds between members in that age group.  I am a proud member of the Asatru Academy Staff, serving as secretary under Dean Gothi Rob Stamm. We are close to finishing up the school year for our very first kindergarten homeschool class. This is a wonderful realization of a dream for many of us and moving into the next school year we will have kindergarten through 2nd grade available for AFA parents who want to homeschool their children. I am on the Runestone Newsletter staff, take care of 4 of the 24 AFA social media pages, and help maintain the Baldrshof District Website. I also help with several AFA annual events, including helping my husband with the AFA’s Elsefest that we are incredibly proud of. It’s dedication to honoring Else Christensen is personally important to me, since I consider her one of my Sisters of the Past.  I truly believe that every member of the AFA is an important part of this big family. If you have any questions, needs or just someone to listen, please reach out. I’m here and happy that you are too. 

Folkbuilders James and Sara Ault

Greetings, my name is James Ault and I am a Folkbuilder for the Baldrshof District living in Wisconsin. After being a Wotanist for 30 odd years, I joined the Asatru Folk Assembly in 2019. I started out in leadership as an event coordinator for Wisconsin, moved up to Apprentice Folkbuilder, and then Folkbuilder. I have traveled many, many miles around the States to help bring our Folk home. Currently, I am part of the security group, serve as a mentor to new apprentice Folkbuilders, and help with the beautification of Baldrshof. I’ve had a long admiration for the Folkmother Else Christensen and the work she has done reigniting the old ways. She was the first to bring Asatru to our Folk in prison in the United States and I share in carrying the torch of her mission. Which led me to dedicate myself to creating a prison ministry that brings about real change to our Folk inside in the name of our Gods and Goddess for the AFA. If you'd like to reach out about it, feel free to email I also was able to locate the Folkmother’s final resting place and am charged with care of the site. With the help of many close kinsman, I was able to create an annual event to honor the Folkmother to bring remembrance of her name for years to come while building Frith among the Folk. We also maintain and clean a section of highway in Wisconsin that bares the AFA name. I have a deep passion for the future of our Folk! I look forward to seeing you all again soon and to those I have not met yet I look forward to making your acquaintance. 

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