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Witan Brandy Fassett

Brandy is a Gythia and Witan member of the Asatru Folk Assembly. She found her way home to the AFA in the Winter of 2018, and has faithfully served her Gods, her Church, and its congregation. She was legally ordained in March 2021, and was announced as a Witan member in April of 2021. She is currently dedicated to various programs within the AFA, ranging from youth and clergy education to the official AFA History project. She is also the presiding clergy of Baldrshof: The Third Hof of the Asatru Folk Assembly, located in Murdock, MN., and presides management of the Baldrshof district stretching from North Dakota to Wisconsin, South to Missouri and Illinois, and North to Nunavut.

A dive into her journey and much more can be found in the episode of Expedition Truth: Witan in Asatru with Brandy Callahan, below.


Minnesota / North Dakota

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