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Virtue Recovery Meeting - Folkbuilder Ashley McStocker

In the Baldrshof district, member Josh Hemmingson and I have started what we are calling the Virtue Recovery Meeting. As I always like to state; though we very much appreciate and respect any and all 12 step programs (such as NA and AA) there are aspects of which we cannot apply to our particular faith. And so was born the 9-step process, which we are piecing together to run in a format and structure to be able to be adapted with anyone across the AFA.

To continue on with my monthly article, I am on our 5th step this month. “Ask the Gods to help remind us that we are able to change our destructive behavior. ‘Having awakened to who I have been, I choose to lay healthy actions into the Well of Wyrd, with the Gods at my side, so I may live with honor and luck in the future.’”

In a life some of us have lived, taking any pride in what we do is something that was out of the realm of possibilities. We may have worked hard, to continue the lifestyle we were living. The lengths that one can go to maintain a certain level of destruction are sometimes absurd. But through all the effort, we were not building a life. In finding recovery, we get this opportunity to put forthright action and have real honor in all we do. We now take care of ourselves, our families and are an asset to our folk. We have always been willing to work hard, but have now, finally, put those energies into a virtuous life in line with our beliefs.

It is amazing to me to see my folk rise from a life of turmoil and filth, and grow into some of the best friends, parents, sons, daughters, comrades, and folk that I know. To the Asatruar reading this that feels like they are in a dark hole and want to be better, I implore you to reach out.

Meetings every Thursday at 7pmCST and Saturdays at 9amCST. Contact Folkbuilder Ashley McStocker for details.

Ashley Mcstocker



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