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Virtue Recovery Meeting - Folkbuilder Ashley McStocker

The Virtue Courage Applied to Recovery Meetings

In the Baldrshof District, myself and member Josh Hemmingson have started what we call the virtue recovery meeting. It is a support group that focuses on what our folk needs in order to excel and overcome the struggles that we face with drugs, alcohol, or any other “gap filler” that is hindering our own potential.

This month I would like to focus on our second step. Like the traditional 12 step programs, such as NA or AA, we use a step program, however, we eliminate the idea that we need to rely on any "God's will" to live to the best of our own potential. We follow a 9 step program, based upon the 9 Noble Virtues (hence; virtue recovery meeting)

This week I am focusing on our second step:

Make a decision to align ourselves with the Gods and to contribute constructively to the Tapestry of the Wyrd. Noble Virtue: Courage. “I call out the Gods for need-fire, and wisdom, to overcome that which destroy me.

This step is essential in finding our own strength. To know that all we need is the power within ourselves to deal with, overcome and prosper through any situation. Courage needs to be applied to the action of finding our true selves. We must have the courage to know that we are enough. We must have the courage to believe that we can in fact prevail through any and all things. In early recovery especially it can be hard to find this courage, but as long as we know, no matter what, that this virtue is the cornerstone of what we are… all will be well.

Meetings every Thursday at 7pm CST and Saturdays at 9am CST. Please reach out to Folkbuilder Ashley McStocker for more information.

Ashley Mcstocker



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