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An experience;

Many years ago, while just recently aware of our Elder Traditions, I came across Edred Thorsson's books about Runes. The book that I became really interested in was, "Nine Doors of Midgard". In that book I started to incorporate his 'Hammer Rite' into my exercise schedule of jogging about two miles every few days. I found that exercise and using the Hammer Rite in meditation after the run was really helpful with stress and fitness of mind and body.

After a while I decided to find a place for my Vee in the forest, found a good place in a grove of redwood trees next to a stream and was pretty much doing a regular program of exercise and meditation.

I was still reading and leaning more of our heritage so, I was searching for a god or goddess that seemed to be one of more interest than others to follow. Then while coming back from running one day I find some small holes or "nests" in my Vee dug out of the tough intertwined roots of the redwood trees, like a mat of fiber. You see the redwood trees in my chosen Vee were in a circle around me and while looking up I could see a small bit of blue sky and the other thing of notice was the sound of the stream, no people or obvious reason why these holes were 'clawed' out of the soil. Puzzled, I search for sign of animals, and there it was...a large wild boar had taken it's tusks and ripped up a fallen tree to look, I suspect, for food, such as mushrooms or other fungi. So, later at home this wild animal came to my home and tore up my hard gravel driveway again I assume looking for food. This happened but once and stopped.

Reading other works of Thorsson, he expresses his ideas of power animals or animals that our ancestors said follow Clans, such as wolves, bears and boars. What to think, so this started me looking into any heritage such as heraldry, coats of arms etc. After many searches, some years later, I find my ancestry is connected to Freyr through a chieftain in Norway who was descended from Harald Fairhair who claimed descent from Freyr.

In the Voluspa, Odin said, to paraphrase, while searching one thing led to another in his quest for knowledge. So, what to think, of this rather strange occurrence, odd workings of an animal or something numinous, a sign or signal from the unseen world? For me I am no one to just pass it off as superstition.

Gothi Thorgrun Odden


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