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Spotlight - The Proudfoot Family

On behalf of Folkbuilders Ashley McStocker and Jessie Shaffer as well as Folkbuilder/Gothar student Nathan Erlandson, we cannot express enough just how truly loved, appreciated and adored the Proudfoot family is. They found the Hof in a unique way, by driving by and feeling compelled to learn more about Baldrshof. Ever since then they have been so genuinely involved and eager to give all they can. Brock is an incredibly hard working provider and amazing father to their 3 children, while Corrie has been slaying every goal she has set for herself at the gym and someone our Womenfolk look up to in motherhood and Frith. They have been sacrificing their Fridays to brave any weather to assure the food donation from our biggest donator is picked up and safely stored so that our community can continue to rely on us monthly to help feed their families. We are absolutely blessed to be able to call Brock, Corrie, Proudfoot our dear, genuine friends, our kindred brother and sister, our folk. Hail the Proudfoots! Hail SygTyr Kindred! Hail the AFA!

Love, Nathan Erlandson, Ashley McStocker, Jessie Shaffer

The smiles, work ethic, and dedication to their hof is both inspiring and contagious. They have become a steadfast and reliable pillar of support for Baldrshof! They bring joy to every event and there are so many projects that would not have come to fruition without them. They are real examples of industrious and noble Folk. Hail the Proudfoot Family!

- Witan Brandy Callahan

When you hear our Folk say, "Hail the Doers!", The Proudfoot family is exactly what they are speaking about. Since the first day they joined the AFA, this family has jumped right into caring for Baldrshof and the people of the community around it. Cleaning, setting up for hof events, helping with the Baldrshof Beautification projects, and helping with the yardwork on the hof grounds. They also do the donation pick up for the food pantry that is held every month at the hof. Stuffing their car to the roof to bring back food for the community. They bring a warm welcoming happiness to every event that anyone would be hard pressed not to be inspired by.

Corey and Brock are the text book example of what it means to be a doer! I first met them a year ago at the Baldrshof food pantry when they donated a bunch of food. Now they are a very important part of Baldrshof, from picking up the food for the food pantry every month to working on the Hof.

Its folks like this that are the lifeblood of our Hofs. Hail the Proudfoot Family!

-Folkbuilder Jason Gallagher

*For Love of Our Folk is a new series that will highlight some of the very best of Baldrshof District. Those in leadership and membership who humbly live the nine noble virtues in daily life. Bringing to light those little acts that make a huge difference and truly make us family in the Asatru Folk Assembly*


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