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Shouting Out the Team

Baldrshof had a beautiful month of October. Winter Nights at Baldrshof started us with a very successful food shelf that couldn’t be if it wasn’t for the continued efforts from Folk Builder Ashley McStocker and the two hardest working members of the district, Corrie and Brock Proudfoot. Without Corrie and Brock shouldering the weight they do for Baldrshof we would not be nearly as successful in our community outreach around Baldrshof as we are. Following up the food shelf, a fantastic Winter Nights celebration got under way. Some projects have been completed thanks to the continued dedication of Folk Builder Jessie Shafer in completing the sanctuary floor with a bright and beautiful Sonnenrad. Outdoor grounds maintenance has been meticulously maintained by the efforts of Folk Builder Jaime Alainn as well.

Baldrshof Leadership is a very close-knit group of our Folk, that despite the hardships that came with the inception of Baldrshof Church in the media and structurally, it only brought us together, honing our resolve, and strengthening us in the shared difficulties. Today, we see the fruits from commitment and dedication to our church in the community surrounding Baldrshof. The leadership in Baldrshof district we have are strong and reliable. They have faced uncertainty, personal struggles, and fear together and harnessed all that came their way, turning it into success and Victory! Hail Baldrshof Leadership!

Gothi Nathan Erlandson


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