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Runic Yoga Part 4 NOT/EH

If you have made it this far, I am sure you have noticed results in your life. The runes themselves start speaking to you more and more and you may have found the ability to see everything from a different perspective. Like standing above all the events that are happening around you and knowing the wisest way forward in all choices made. What your personal life's mission is has become clearer. The list goes on but in general, everything is syncing, and you have become more than what you were before. Of course, there is still work to be done and that is what we shall cover today.

Before we get into the main topic I would like to discuss "will" and "knowing". The will is vital in Runic Yoga. We have to learn to shut out all distractions and concentrate on the task at hand with everything that we have for those brief moments. This translates to other areas in our lives. The things that used to overwhelm us no longer do. Our mind, body, and spirit are now under our control. During the pulling energy part, this is where "knowing" comes into play. We don't just want to believe and visualize that we are doing it but actually know we are and willing it into ourselves. Truly pulling it from above, below, etc. For myself, this transition took some time but one day it all clicked. I had stepped to the other side so to speak. Now of course I am not perfect. On certain days I lose the battle in Runic Yoga and life itself but at the end of the day or even at the moment of failure I have learned to take an inventory of myself. I can quickly realize I wasn't being directed by who I wanted. With every failure though is where we will find growth with the right mindset. We have never actually failed but learned. To summarize, "know" that you can do anything, and anything is what you shall do ᚼ.

NOT Rune

Face North and take 3 to 7 deep breaths in the IS rune stance.

Now raise your arms with the right higher and left lower like in the picture provided.

With each inhale pull the energy through your right arm and down into your body.

Note: I generally pull it towards the right side of my head then down to the solar plexus region.

Do this a minimum of 9 breaths and on every 3rd hum (nnnnnnn)

When completed, put your arms down and stay in this IS rune stance for a period of time. Breathe, be quiet and lose any mundane thoughts. In time answers will come.

EH Rune

Face North and take 3 to 7 deep breaths in the IS rune stance.

Now raise your arms, left higher and right lower (the opposite of what was done in NOT)

Now with each inhale instead of pulling energy from the higher arm and downward you'll actually pull it from the lower and upward through yourself out the upper arm. Note: for myself, I get a sense of being pulled in that somewhat upward direction. Like matter breaking apart and physically lighter.

Do this a minimum of 9 breaths and every 3rd sing (aaaaaaa).

When completed, put your arms down and stay in the IS rune stance for a period of time again and feel the love if you will that is working its way in you.

Note: Another important practice that can and should be done in between each Runic Yoga stance is to give part of the energy back to its source. A gift for a gift in a way. We are given health, knowledge, strength, etc but we also contain qualities that we can share with the Holy Powers. This is how I do it so hopefully, it will give all of you some ideas. I simply take a deep breath, raise my arms like in the picture provided and pull energy from my being (a solar plexus area is a good place) up my body through my arms and out my fingers to the Black Sun that is pictured in my mind's eye. If you want to get an idea of what this energy looks like coming out of yourself, stare at your fingertips for a period of time. Eventually you'll start to see streams of Vril shooting out in a way. For myself, that is what I am giving back. Lastly, while doing this short practice keep our thoughts on pure thankfulness and love.

Now let's move on to some thoughts about these 2 Runes that will help guide us in this part of our transformation process. In the first 5 runes covered, we gained power, health, and wisdom from the great cosmic forces at play if you will. In the Cross Rune we more or less put it all together. Now we find ourselves at NOT, back in this reality in a sense. For many, NOT can seem like a negative rune. Falling, tension and adversity are a few of the words that come to mind. What is interesting about this is that almost all of our misery presently comes from ourselves. It could be from a number of things like our actions and even our thoughts from this life and past. When we can make this realization, we start to "see" differently. The dots start to connect. NOT is very personal in this way. When we understand all is in flux around us because of our past and not let it overtake us, we win. The Hero knows how to work within these laws and in some cases breaks them entirely. He has "settled the discord quickly" within himself as the rune song states. In doing so, a change happens. He has won his combat here; entropy has been reversed and his prize is in EH. The One lost long ago and now found. The Beloved, the Higher Part of himself. The Horse and the Rider reunited to take on eternity together. EH in many ways is the total opposite of NOT. It is NOT from the other side. It is the rune of pure love; freedom and we can also say no laws in a sense. As many know Marriage is by far one of the most sacred aspects for our people and is a huge part of this rune as well. Utter devotion and loyalty to the physical wife or husband here also translate to the Beloved within. We must remain forever loyal if this special person is ever found. It is not good enough to just not betray him or her in the flesh either. Even when our minds wander to another we have already lost. We are not made of just one body but many. This is extremely important to remember. In the age we live in there are many distractions or traps by design but EH shows us the truth in how we are supposed to be as an Aryan.

In closing, we must watch what we put out into the world in thought, word and deed. We will have to contend with it. It's up to us if it will be descending in nature ᚾ or ascending ᛅ.

Thanks for listening and I look forward to next time.

Folkbuilder Adam Hudak


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