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Runic Yoga Part 3

If you have been following along over the past couple of months, we have covered variations of the IS, KA, MAN, and UR runic yoga. We covered some basic methods on how to perform them and also some of the meanings behind each. I will say there is much more though. If we stay disciplined in the process the runes will constantly reveal more to us. On another note, reading about these topics is great but the "key" is not found there. It's found in actual practice. Nothing is greater than that and nothing more profound than when the answer comes to you from that "voice" within from doing so. At that moment you know what was spoken was what you have been seeking.

For this month's Runic Yoga practice and to add I have given this quite a bit of thought. I feel it's best to cover the NOT and EH rune together in one article. They are intricately connected, and we'll see the importance then. So, we will cover just the Cross Rune Stadha here. Some may be asking themselves "what is the Cross Rune?". That is understandable. It technically isn't part of the Armanen Futhorkh. We can look at it in a couple of ways. One that comes to mind is the Sun Cross and the other as Spirit crucified in Matter. The latter is very important for us in this case. That is what we are at this very moment and one possible goal would be to break free from it. In the end, it is certainly not Christian. Much of the symbols we find today have always been ours and ours to take back. So, with that let's begin.

Face North, stand in the IS rune position, and take 3 to 7 breaths. While doing that, imagine being on a mountain or someplace in nature meaningful to you.

Now raise your arms like the picture provided.

As you breathe in, picture yourself drawing in energy from all four directions. From the sides, below, and above.

With each breath picture, it all is colliding in your center.

Do this for a minimum of nine breaths.

Lower your arms and if done right you will very much feel you are being magnetized. For me, it's from my head down to my feet.

Say a few positive affirmations to yourself now. It could be something like " I AM the Initiate. Filled with health, spirit, memory, will and power" or something along those lines. Use what is best for you.

At this point, you may be noticing somewhat of a pattern in how this is all going. You have pulled the different energy streams from all directions in the previous runes and put them into this one. Hence why I feel that this is such a powerful practice. In my experience, this particular one gives a much different feeling. Not so much relaxed or calmness but a feeling of strength and a willingness to take on the world so to speak. I feel alive and with purpose, the Initiate. I would also like to touch on another aspect of the importance of Runic Yoga. We all may know that dance, mantras, galdr, etc has an effect on our physiology. We feel good after doing it. By combining the form (stadha) and the mantra of the rune itself the end result is twofold. Twice the results and twice the acceleration on not just our physical bodies but the other more subtle like the astral, mental, etc. It works in all of them, at once, and in turn, makes us evolve or involute depending on our thoughts on this matter.

Folkbuilder Adam Hudak


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