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Ritual Mundus: Discipline = Freedom

Ritual is at the core of Aryan man. It is our means of creating order in our lives and participating in the works of our gods. Like building when a house, we must equip ourselves with good tools and build a sturdy foundation. Start each day by embracing our Noble Virtue of Discipline. Establish a ritual routine every morning and make it a habit. In doing so start with the mundane and build upward towards the divine. Perhaps start with making your bed, followed by starting some coffee, light stretching, and some brief meditation in front of your alter. Your rituals are not limited to these things alone, but whatever the elements you choose are, they should be an act which be an act which makes you and your surroundings more orderly. In doing so you develop discipline, freeing your mind to focus on finer details in your life to either expand on your daily ritual, or begin to build rituals with-in rituals. Repeat consistently and with intention. Chances are if you are experiencing discomfort or awkwardness in doing so, congratulate yourself. You are experiencing growth and likely do something right! At the highest level of execution your daily actions may even become at act of worship, liberate you from unnecessary stress, reduce your chances for error, and open your mind to possible creative liberties you may not have previously considered as circumstances change with-in a moment. Discipline creates freedom, and the means to make poetry of life. Start mastering yourself today, so you may conquer the world tomorrow. It's what the gods made you to do.

Gothi Jason Plourde


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