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Oaths, their Importance, Impact, and Implications

For many of us, it is a foreign concept that our word has meaning. For our ancestors, over many millennia, an individual’s word was their bond and would not be broken. If one did go against, or break, their word, there would be significant consequences, up to being outcasted from the Folk. Trust, honor, and integrity are all terms that directly correlate with one's word and Oathing. Granted, there are occasions where breaking an Oath could be understood—these rare occasions do not include one's own feelings about a matter or just not comprehending the Oath at the onset. It is not just the individual that is bound by their Oath, the Folk present when the Oath is made are then made part of it as well. The Gods and your Ancestors also hear your Oath, and then to break it due to some superficial circumstance where your feelings get hurt or you get mad about something will certainly tarnish any relationship you may have with your Gods and Ancestors. Oaths are not simply taken and then discarded because you want to.

It takes a tremendous amount of courage these days, which is absurd, for an individual to stand by their word whereas it was automatic for our ancestors, and it was never given a second thought, in keeping one's word. This is part of the soul sickness of our Folk. Why do so many want to become AFA leadership, taking on the responsibility of that position, knowing that there will be an Oath involved, then simply discard their Oath as if it never meant anything. In these cases, which we've seen a handful recently, the latter is true, whereas since it was so easy to walk away from their Oath when things didn't go their way.

An Oath is a bond that is to be taken very seriously. It is not something that is done when things are convenient and easy, it is something that one holds themself to when things don't go the way they'd like, when things get difficult, and when one's loyalty, honor, and integrity are tested.

So, what does taking an Oath mean to you? Is it something to be discarded when it is inconvenient like throwing out an old pair of socks? Are you someone who will talk the talk when it suits you? Or are you someone that walks the walk, bound to your word with the strength of iron, and have the honor it takes to see an Oath as a testament to your strength of character?

As leaders in the AFA, the Folk look to us to be that beacon, that example of conduct and becoming. Do not enter into an Oath with any doubt or reservation. Be courageous and brave, be upright with right action, speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death. Safeguard those that need protection and do no wrong. This is the task I give you to contemplate and if you are strong enough, to implement in your lives.





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