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May Day Ritual - Witan Brandy Callahan


“Hail the Holy Æsir, Gods and Goddesses of our Folk! We ask you to join us today as we honor your kin!

Hail the Æsir!

Hail to the Honored Ancestors, Mothers and Fathers as far back as time remembers! We ask you to join your sons and daughters gathered here!

Hail the Ancestors!

Hail the Friendly Vaetter, spirits of this land and place! We ask you to look upon us in worship, see our deeds!

Hail the Vaetter!

Hail Freyr!

We ask you to join us here,

Witness our devotion,

Hear our praise,

Receive our gifts!

Folk, prepare your gifts for Freyr. From your heart to your hand, and from your hand to the horn, give the best and brightest of yourselves to him.

Ask your hornbearer to collect the gifts of the Folk

“Freyr! The horn is heavy with the gifts of your Folk.

If you find them worthy, take them from us now.

Hail Freyr!”

Hold the horn high and await the acceptance of Freyr.

Pour the gifts into the bowl.

Refill the horn.


We have given you our gifts.

We have offered you our love,

We have offered you our praise,

Our strength, our energy,

Pieces of the best of ourselves.

We ask, should you to bless the gathered Folk.

For the fertility of our fields,

And for the fertility of our women.

May we be blessed with prosperity and good health.

May our animals, our crops, and our children grow healthy and strong.

May the storms we face as Folk be mild. May we weather them with our heads held high,

With courage and with dignity.

May the summer rains nourish our lands

and may your gifts nourish our souls.

Hail Freyr!”

Receive the gifts of Freyr. Walk the horn around the circle of gathered folk and offer them the gifts of Freyja.

Pour remaining mead from the horn in the bowl.

“This blot has ended.

We have given our gifts and received gifts in return.

Take with you, and into your homes, the blessings of Freyr.

Go forward with passion, with strength, and achieve the victory that awaits you!

Hail the Gods!

Hail the Folk!!

Hail the AFA!!!”


May Day celebrations are not complete without a May Pole! The May Pole itself is a fertility symbol, with the pole representing a strong masculine energy. The feminine is represented by the beautiful flora decorated crown and the ribbons that wrapped around the pole during the maypole dance.

Following Freyrblot, ask the women to attach the ribbons to the top of the pole and then the menfolk to carry the Maypole “plant” it in a sturdy place already arranged. Divide the group into two groups, those who will dance clockwise and those who will dance counterclockwise. Distribute them along the ribbons evenly. As the group dances, they should go “over” or “under” the person dancing in the opposite direction. The Maypole dance is best done with a good Polka! Once reaching the ends of the ribbons, secure the ends to the pole.

Baldrshof tradition is that those women seeking fertility, asnip a piece of the ribbon ends and take them home with them.

Witan Brandy Callahan


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