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Hails from Northern Idaho! This month we discussed the Rune Kenaz of the Elder futhark and KA from the Armanen runes.

Old English rune poem- (Torch) is to every living person known by its fire, it is clear and bright, it usually burns when the noblemen rest inside the hall.

Norwegian rune poem- Sore is the curse of children, grief makes a man pale.

Icelandic rune poem- Sore is the bale of children, and a scourge, and the house of rotten flesh.

Kenaz- Represents moments when awareness bursts through into consciousness. It is the element of fire under focused control. It represents technological Knowledge and the ability to shape. It is human ingenuity. Kenaz is inspiration, an idea to solve a problem, it is controlled energy to shape and transform. Regeneration to begin again, to give something more life or life anew. The will to generate and create.

I have found that this rune has two distinct energies, but we will concentrate only on the Old English poem. Meditation upon that poem brought me to the realization that Kenaz is the feeling you get when you have a great idea- your eyes widen and there is that spark of creativity, that is the vibration.

An experience I had with this rune was at work we were going to have a meeting to come up with new concepts to present to one of our customers. Several hours before the meeting, I meditated on the feeling of idea, inspiration and merged it with the subject matter of the upcoming meeting. Sure enough, a revolutionary concept arose within me that was perfect, and I impressed myself. In that meeting everything was crystal clear about what should be done.

The keys to unlocking these poems are inside of you, immerse yourself in all the material that you can find about that rune. Meditate upon it, draw the rune, stare at its shape, carve it in your mind and at some point, you will have a flash of inspiration from your higher self that will make perfect sense. The runes were given to us by Odin the All-father, he won them by sacrificing himself to himself, and they will allow you to work your will here in Midgard. Remember however, that your will must be in alignment with natural law and your purpose! Discovering your purpose and mastery over yourself should be your priority before manipulating the primordial energies of the universe, good luck!

Our next meeting will be held on Sunday August the 27th in CDA.

Hail the Gods! Hail the Folk! Hail the AFA!

Gothi Joe Rozanek


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