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How to Honor the Disir in Your Own Home

Gather special items like candles, photos, flowers, or foods to place on an Ancestors’ altar. Do you have one particular Mother you wish to contact? Talk with her; sing with her; speak her name; write her a letter; give her a special gift. Your own Dísablót can include an offering of liquid that you associate with your mother, though traditional mead is always fine. In blot, honor her life. Think of her gifts to those she knew. Offer your love and a vow to keep her memory alive, to use her lessons to create your best-self. After your offering, within the gifting cycle, you can ask for her gifts in return. What do you need? Insight, tranquility, perseverance, strength, courage, health, hope, balance, luck… This may happen in unexpected ways. Reach for a rune as a message carrier. Think on your Mother at bedtime, as these messages can present themselves in your dreams.

Dear folk, we have the opportunity to build our own traditions this time of year. Do it alone or with others, but know that in October, your Mothers are always near.

Gythia Sheila McNallen


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